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From Kevin Grignon <>
Subject Re: After AOO 3.4, attracting new contributors
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 04:51:06 GMT
Given the risk in a formal certification program, we could look to support contributors intrinsic
motivation by reducing barriers to entry and supporting a positive on-boarding experience.

On Mar 29, 2012, at 12:37 PM, Pedro Giffuni <> wrote:

> Hi Ram;
> We are strictly non-profit here so I am not sure how far
> we could go with such certifications. I think it's a
> delicate matter and sooner or later someone would likely
> complain about students being exploited or your company
> making money in exchange of ASF certificates.
> We certainly can have a Wiki page for students to register
> their projects and ideas and if their projects are really
> good we would almost certainly invite them to become
> Apache committers but that as far as we can go (I think).
> cheers,
> Pedro.
> --- Mer 28/3/12, ha scritto:
>> Hi Rob,
>> Well, the large talent pool is available here in India with
>> millions of
>> students graduating in Engineering,MCA(Master of computer
>> applications).
>> They all look for a project for their final semester. We can
>> somehow try to
>> attract them but they also try to see what  is the
>> benefit for them. Most
>> of these guys they learn C/Java as part of their 
>> syllabus.But we need to
>> retrain them as they generally  just try to pass and
>> not to be master of
>> it.
>> So we need to train them and make them useful.
>> I have not seen the code base yet but based on the search
>> results what i
>> have understood is that it is implemented in 
>> Java,
>> OOBasic,
>> Cpp,
>> Python,
>> XSL,
>> ooRexx
>> From Freshers point of view they prefer the new languages
>> like
>> Java(ofcourse it is a old one but still new when compared to
>> C/C++) or
>> advanced stuff like Android. But still we can train people
>> in C++ but it is
>> easy to attract people for Java.
>> If we know the exact requirement of people then we can try
>> to gather the
>> people and train them and make them good to contribute to
>> the project.
>> We have a software training institute and staff are from top
>> MNC's.Lot of
>> students approach us for Live Projects to gain some real
>> experience. 
>> So we may try to accept the people and train them. We charge
>> the students
>> for training as we have to pay the trainers. 
>> Ultimately what students expect is an experience letter from
>> Apache so that
>> they can utilise it for future employment. In addition to
>> issuing the
>> certificate we should have their contribution mentioned in
>> our website
>> otherwise other job seekers will fake the cetificates.
>> I think if the company(Apache) is ready to issue a
>> certificate mentioning
>> their contribution towards the project and list their
>> contribution in AOO
>> website then it should definetly work.
>> Thanks & Regards,
>> Ram,
>> Im Software Systems

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