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From eric b <>
Subject Apache OpenOffice proposals for GSoC 2012
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2012 08:12:56 GMT

Apache Software Foundation is accepted as application. This allows  
Apache OpenOffice participation, and we can propose subjects. Until  
something is accepted (starting me accepted as mentor on the Apache  
side ;-) ), and to inform everybody, I did some proposals. As GSoc  
mentor since 2006, I know well the thing and can mentor one or two  
(maxi) students, whatever the choosen subject, but any help, or even  
someone taking over one subject is possible and welcome.

Here are the subjects I proposed for GSoC2012 : : Implement online  
SVG Gallery in Apache OpenOffice : Open and manage  
Maxima sessions in Writer documents : Implement the Image  
rotation in Apache OpenOffice Writer, using Draw/Impress objects : Implement Impress   
OpenGL 3D transitions on Mac OS X and improve them (implement reverse  
transition, according to backward / forward sense)

More information on Apache and GSoC: 
The general GSoC Homepage: 

Thanks in advance,

Note:  without ask, I added Oliver-Rainer Witteman and Armin le Grand  
as experts for the Image rotation stuff in the issue description, but  
if somebody disagrees, I can remove.

Projet OOo4Kids :
L'association EducOOo :
Blog :

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