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From Andre Fischer>
Subject [RELEASE] Dictionary extensions
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2012 09:25:45 GMT
Hi all,

I need your help.

We are now able to include extensions -- dictionaries and others -- into 
installation sets, depending on the language(s) for which an 
installation set is built.

All that is needed is a list of extensions that are to be bundled for 
each language.  At the moment this list only contains entries for 
english and german.

If you want to have dictionaries included for other languages then you 
can do that in one of several ways:

- Edit [1] in the confluence wiki and then tell me about it so that I 
can update the main/extensions.lst file.  The important part is to 
provide working URLs int the "Upstream link" comment.  The URLs may, 
however, contain redirections (like the ones from
Note that you can edit this wiki only when you are a commiter.

- Reply to this message on ooo-dev or personally to me.  Again, it is 
important that I get working URLs.

- Edit main/extensions.lst yourself.  I tried to document the format in 
[2] but it should be pretty clear just by looking at extensions.lst.

Best regards,


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