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From Simon Brouwer <>
Subject Re: After AOO 3.4, attracting new contributors
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2012 18:59:53 GMT
Hi Regina,

Thanks for these excellent insights.

Best regards

Op 20-3-2012 13:29, Regina Henschel schreef:

> It is impossible to understand the code without guides and without
> mentoring.
> Conclusion, wish or how you might call it:
> (1) Document parts of the code very detailed in all steps, including
> help and accessibility. For example: How to make a new dialog? How does
> an Excel import filter works? I could start only after Eike Rathke has
> documented the process of adding new functions to Calc in
> (2) Document an overview of AOO. For example: What parts are all
> touched, when a user drags a corner of a shape till the shape is
> changed? Or what parts are touched, when a writer document is opened.
> And the other way round, what is handled in vcl or cosv or all the other
> modules?
> (3) Document AOO specific things. For example what are these OSL_*,
> which are used, when and why. What special types exists, why do they
> exist, when should they be used?
> (4) Increase mentoring. Such mentor should identify a "nice to have"
> feature and offer to guide the volunteer. Armin has mentored the
> "linecap" feature that way and it has worked well. Although some
> essential parts are done by Armin, I did a lot by myself and got some
> new insides in the code.
> Getting a build is a critical part for newcomers, especially on Windows.
> (5) Work very hard to provide a buildable trunk on Friday. It is very
> frustrating when you plan to do some coding on weekend and the build fails.
> (6) Without the document about building OOo on Windows by Mathias Bauer
> and the succeeding Wiki page
> I was not able to build OOo. So keep this information up to date; it is
> essential for newcomers.
> Kind regards
> Regina

Vriendelijke groet, Best regards,

Simon Brouwer

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