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From eric b <>
Subject [CODE] Re: [EXTENSIONS][RELEASE] (was RE: Calling all volunteers: It is time to test)
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2012 21:24:05 GMT

Le 5 mars 12 à 21:29, Rob Weir a écrit :

> On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 3:19 PM, Larry Gusaas  
> <> wrote:
>> On 2012-03-05 1:44 PM  Rob Weir wrote:
>>> Again, your opinion carries as far as your willingness to code an
>>> alternative install approach.
>> Are you saying that unless one is willing to provide code there is  
>> no point
>> in making suggestions? I am getting sick of this insulting  
>> attitude that is
>> way too prevalent in open source communities.
> I didn't say no point.  But repeating the same suggestion over and
> over and over and over again, with no code is rather pointless.
>> Do you want suggestions from anyone other than developers? If so,  
>> change
>> your attitude.
> Personally, I want bug reports more than suggestions right now.  But
> code that fixes bugs is golden.

Well, install Apache OpenOffice without use / share / destroy old preferences is really easy. More precisely, you have  
several place where you'll have to change something :

- scp2/source/ooo/common_brand.scp : contains the "UserInstallation"  
key, where the - for us the new Apache OpenOffice -  
user preferences will be put during bootstrap (at first launch).

ProfileItem gid_Brand_Profileitem_Bootstrap_Userinstall
     ProfileID = gid_Brand_Profile_Bootstrap_Ini;
     ModuleID = gid_Module_Root_Brand;
     Section = "Bootstrap";
     Order = 3;
     Key = "UserInstallation";
   #ifdef WNT
   #elif defined MACOSX

- instsetoo_native/util/openoffice.lst : where the keys are defined,  
depending you build product, or devel or something else. e.g. you can  
define the version number for the preferences, e.g like macros like  

As example, in OOo4Kids, USERDIRPRODUCTVERSION contains 1.0, means  
OOo4Kids 1.0, 1.1 ... and the next 1.3 will share the same  
preferences (in ~/... /OOo4Kids/1.0/. In the case I change something  
who will break the preferences, set USERDIRPRODUCTVERSION to 2.0 is  
the safest way to avoid breaking the old prefs, and keep the old  
version working

This will work the same way with Other solution could  
be to replace ONEWORDAPACHEPRODUCTNAME and to use OpenOffice instead,  
or Apache OpenOffice ... whatever different will work imho.

For the curious, another place who worth a try is solenv/bin/modules/ 
installer/ (grep for SYSUSERCONFIG). Last,  
SYSUSERCONFIG  is builtin in sal/rtl/source/bootstrap.cxx

Of course, I can't decide alone, and I need opinions, and any  
candidate for this easy hack is welcome  :-)


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