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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: about conversion from PPT(PPTX) to image (jpg,bmp and so on)
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2012 10:24:37 GMT

On 27.02.2012 10:53, Hyoung joon Jun wrote:
> Hi. ALG.
> Thanks for your well explanation.  is there a way I can work around
> for me to implement conversion from ppt to jpg(or other image format)
> in C/C++ ?

Instead of using AOO/OOo in the background there may be the option to 
use the preview images which are (AFAIK) embedded to ppt; there might be 
libs/tools out there to get them. HTH!

> Thanks&  warm regards
> joon
> On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 4:47 PM, Armin<>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Hyoung joon Jun<>  wrote:
>>> Hi. all
>>> I have searched  archive of OpenOffice developer's mails for document
>>> conversion, more precisely from PPT(PPTx) to image(jpg, bmp and so on)
>>> in C/C++.  I download the openoffice source code and it is really huge
>>> to dissect and locate a particular feature such as "export" feature in
>>> OpenOffice impress which allows a user to export PPT to image.
>>> I am not quite sure if this functionality was implemented in pure
>>> C/C++ or Apache POI; as long as I know, I guess POI is used  in Java
>>> for it.
>>> No one clearly described about this feature in email archive
>>> ( would you give me a hand  ?
>>> 1. if this export function is implemented in pure c/c++. can you tell
>>> me which portion of OpenOffice source code  I can go and look into ?
>> It's mainly in c++, but you will not find it isolated somewhere, it's more
>> a result of multiple core features working together. I'm pretty sure it
>> will not be possible to simply extract a 'PPT to image' function. In
>> practise the office is used in various situations as server in headless
>> running mode; then applications communicate with it over UNO API and e.g.
>> send it a PPT and make it send back an image (or any other available
>> format, presentations anyways will not be handled well with one image).
>>> 2. if this export function is implemented in java using POI, is there
>>> any open source  I may bump into for conversion ? it looks
>>> imageMagick does not support conversion from PPT. to image.
>> That conversion is highly complex, nothing I would expect to see in
>> imageMagick too soon.
>>> I hope that I can hear some. it would be greatly appreciated.
>> --
>> ALG

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