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From eric b <>
Subject Re: ENABLE_PRESENTER_EXTRA_UI is no more used?
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 12:56:37 GMT

Le 23 févr. 12 à 11:49, Andre Fischer a écrit :

> Hi Maho, Eric,

Hi Andre,

> On 23.02.2012 11:03, eric b wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Le 23 févr. 12 à 08:37, Maho NAKATA a écrit :
>>> quoting from slideshow/source/engine/
>>>> ENABLE_PRESENTER_EXTRA_UI is not used anymore
>>>> .ENDIF
>> That's not true.
> I am afraid it is.  OpenGrok shows that this flag is only evaluated  
> in sd/source/ui/slideshow/ and in slideshow/source/ 
> engine/ and in both places you are only warned that this  
> flag is not supported anymore.

Ooops, excuse me : I was refering to 3.2.x tree (I'm used to use  
OpenGrok, nice tool btw).

Indeed, reading quickly  the code in DEV300_m106 tree, such flags are  
no longer needed. I found the XDrawPages still used, and this means  
the code has been integrated ( yes !). Testing with a recent build I  
even got the color dialog box initialized too.

The bad news is the annotations are not persistent. What was the  
reason ? (at the beginning, the idea was to make them persistent, and  
to save the presentation including them or not at the end)

On my side, I got the current status:

- the annotations are persistent
- the redraw causing growing memory fooprint is fixed  (every time  
you goto next / previous slide, the annotations are no longer  
duplicated as before)

- annotations are visible in the slideshow excepted for the first  
slide (investigating)
- OpenGL transitions on Mac OS X : annotations are now visible

Residual bugs: :

- reverse order is wrong  (no annotations), excepted during  
transition ( prefetch slide seems to have problem, and there is one  
inut offset somewhere. Searching where ... )

(probably the same root) :
- OpenGL transition on Mac OS X only : it is not possible to add  
annotations during the presentation (caused by the last view at the  
end of the transition, not removed
  - OpenGL transition on Mac OS X only : last transition view is not  
removed, and hides everything in the window when presentation stops.

If interesting, everything mentionned above could be reversed to  
Apache OpenOffice (if the code worth it of course)

> The flag is also mentioned in XSlideShow.idl but only in a comment.

I see.

> The only think that has to be checked are references in several  
> localization files.  Removing the flag might lead to missing  
> translated strings.

Indeed. I think we could ask the translators to reverse the strings  
to apache OpenOffice ?

FYI, I modified l10n build system, and if you are intersted, I could  
explain how I improved.

>>> quoting from
>>>> AC_ARG_ENABLE(presenter-extra-ui,
>>>> [ --enable-presenter-extra-ui enables extra functionality during
>>>> slideshow,
>>>> e.g. selecting pen color, erasing drawings etc.
>>>> ],,enable_presenter_extra_ui=no)
>>> Which can be used? I don't know.
>> It is used for Impress annotation mode feature (pen, color,  
>> eraser). The
>> code was written by Ecole Centrale Nantes students, mentored by  
>> Thorsten
>> Behrens and myseld, with Education Project.
> Whatever code was written, it is now either gone or is not guarded  
> by the ENABLE_PRESENTER_EXTRA_UI flag anymore.

You are right, it can be removed in the current code.  Or why not,  
kept for new features to come ?

>> We added those flags, because the feature was not well accepted  
>> (don't
>> ask me why ...)
>> OT : this is one good example of what we did with the
>> Education Project, students from engineers schools : a winner -  
>> winner
>> example.
>>> Anyway cleanup is needed.
> Yes, please go ahead.  Can you check the localize.sdf files in  
> extras/l10n that contain references to ENABLE_PRESENTER_EXTRA_UI?
>> In Apache OpenOffice I don't know, but FYI, I fixed some issues  
>> and I am
>> currently improving the feature in OOo4Kids and OOoLight.
> For OOo4Kids and OOoLight the situation may be different.  By the  
> way, are there any plans to integrate OOo4Kids into Apache  
> OpenOffice (if that is possible at all)?

OOo4Kids ( OOoLight shares the same code) are based on OOo3.2.x, and  
until I'll find a full diff explaining what has been changed into the  
new config manager, the upgrade to OOo3.3.x + sources is compromised.

Nevertheless, and as I explained Armin on IRC, there is work in  
progress to integrate the native SVG feature he wrote. This will  
force me to resynchronyze most of the tree with 3.3.0. No idea how  
complete this will be though, and I'm testing several scenarii for  
the integration -> investigating.

Back to your questions, IMHO, integrate OOo4Kids into Apache  
OpenOffice is not a good idea : it will take a lot of time, will add  
a lot of files (the whole design), and complicated things at  
configure and buid time. Worse, some parts like design are under  
LGPL, and can't be re-used excepted if Ben Bois accepts to relicense  
all the stuff.

What is possible : I wrote most of the modified code in OOo4Kids, and  
if some feature is considered as interesting, there is no problem to  
reverse the changes I wrote to Apache OpenOffice.
Since OOo4Kids is a lab, better use what has been done when  
interesting, instead of spending more time to integrate the whole thing.

Note: for code relicensing, and on the design side, ask Ben Bois. On  
the localization side, I can ask the people who contributed, to  
relicense their contributions.

Though, thanks for your answer : testing Apache OpenOffice to verify  
what was integrated / what was not, helped me to see a very good work  
has been done since my last test :-)

Best regards,


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