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From "O.Felka" <>
Subject Re: Plan to deliver the GUI test Java library on the next release
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 07:33:24 GMT
Am 24.02.2012 06:20, schrieb Zhe Liu:
> 在 2012年2月24日 上午10:37,Ma Yong Lin<>  写道:
>> I think what was asked is if we are just get a group of star basic test cases "translated"
>> to java. It would be the same in terms of testing.
> We can do that, but I think it's more meaningful to cover the GUI
> testing for new functions in future, since the existing function has
> been very stable.

I think that it is worth the effort and very helpfull to translate the
old Star Basic tests to Java. We have had always regressions in the
existing and 'stable' functions. So we really need the old tests for
finding regressions in the existing functionality.


>> So besides java developer may benefit from this, anything else?
> The library will wrap all complex things and aims to make learning
> curve enough short for both programmer and non-programmer.  In
> addition, localization developers may benefit from it to  locate some
> UI. I'm not sure and need to investigate further.
>> Ma Yong Lin
>> 在 2012-2-23,9:38,Zhe Liu<>  写道:
>>> 2012/2/23 FR web forum<>:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> <cut>
>>>>>> As mentioned before, I plan to replace VCL TestTool with a Java
>>>>>> library for GUI testing.
>>>> <cut>
>>>> Do you think that a translation in other languages could improve
>>>> its usefulness?
>>> Sorry. I didn't catch you. You mean translate that wiki or the tool
>>> in other languages?
>>> Thank for your suggestion.
>>> --
>>> Best Regards
>>>  From
> The previous discussion is here.

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