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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Trying to add more quality to openoffice
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2012 17:52:01 GMT
On 16/01/2012 wrote:
> Still not knowing how to find an OpenOffice more appropriate contact,
> this is the most immediate i found, so please forward it to someone who
> can really do something. I'm sending two files that weren't opened
> correctly by your application software: the two originally contain a
> cover sheet from the Microsoft word (latest version i guess) library,
> but openoffice does not show that cover sheet, only the body of the text.

Hi Paulo, I had a look at the problems you describe, but perfect 
compatibility with the Microsoft Office formats is hard to achieve.

We are still unable to offer complete support for VBA macros (the 
problem you described for your earlier Shoe.xls file); this is a known 
limitation and it won't be solved immediately.

As for your other problem (cover sheet in Word not displayed in this seems like a bug that should be tracked. The most 
appropriate way to do so is that you create an account at and that you enter a new bug for the 
"Word processor" component; there are many fields, but just make sure to 
write a concise summary (like "DOCX compatibility: cover sheet not 
shown"), a detailed description and attach your sample document (and 
possibly screenshots). There is no guarantee that your problem will be 
fixed immediately (actually, there are many bugs that have been open for 
months, even for years), but your report is much more likely to be 
considered if you use Bugzilla instead of this mailing list.


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