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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: suggested CMS workflows for ooo-site
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2012 16:51:46 GMT
You can always mimic exactly what the staging site
does with its builds, namely target the build to
a checkout of

When the build finishes you can just svn diff that
tree to see what you actually changed, but *please*
do not commit back those changes yourself.  You
can nuke all your changes to that tree with svn revert -R
so it's handy for testing different types of sledgehammers.


> From: Dave Fisher <>
>Sent: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 11:46 AM
>Subject: Re: suggested CMS workflows for ooo-site 
>On Jan 4, 2012, at 8:28 AM, Joe Schaefer wrote:
>> Given that the size of ooo-site is around 9GB, there
>> are some unique challenges here in dealing with the CMS.
>> For the most part tho, the typical workflow of editing
>> a few pages on the site, committing them, and publishing
>> them can all be done reasonably effectively using the CMS
>> website.
>> OTOH, people who need to monkey with templates/** or lib/**
>> files will trigger full site builds and their changes may
>> materially impact every file on the site.  While I've now
>> reduced the build time to around 4 minutes, the bottleneck
>> now remains squarely in the time it takes svn to commit back
>> those changes and to deal with merging those changes during
>> publication requests.
>Thanks for your improvements. 
>> In those circumstances I strongly advise you to use the
>> script on to review and if
>> ok publish your changes.  This will eliminate the chances
>> that your browser times out a direct publish request to the
>> CMS site, which is a real hassle given that it takes ~15
>> minutes for a largeish publish request to be processed.
>I always use when I use my sledgehammer ;-)
>I usually test my changes with local or
>My observation is that the biggest bottleneck is more in the creation of the email reports.
Particularly after returns.
>> In the near future we will be upgrading svn to 1.7 on the CMS
>> server which will bring in better performance along with
>> full support for deletions via svn, but I don't expect the
>> performance changes to significantly alter the workflow I'm
>> recommending here.
>> And please for the sake of others who want to work on minor
>> changes to the site, don't make a sledgehammer type commit
>> without following up with an eventual publish request, because
>> publish requests are an all-or-nothing type deal.  That means
>> a sledgehammer commit will cause unreasonable delays for people
>> who are trying to publish minor changes to the site, until
>> the person who did the sledgehammer commit follows thru and
>> publishes everything.
>I would recommend that larger template and skeleton changes with the whole ooo-site are
done locally and fully tested before committing to svn..
>Do you have any recommendations for comparing a locally built site with current production
in order to understand how big a sledgehammer is being built?
>> HTH

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