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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Time for the ASF to send an Open Letter?
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2011 20:06:28 GMT

On Dec 19, 2011, at 2:40 PM, Simon Phipps wrote:

> On 19 Dec 2011, at 16:56, J├╝rgen Schmidt wrote:
>> On 12/17/11 4:44 PM, Simon Phipps wrote:
>>> Surely that's just a matter of fact, though? When AOO makes a new release,
>>> it will be a different codebase under a different brand, so on both charts
>>> would show as a new block.
>> why do you think that it is a different code base? It is exactly the code base granted
by Oracle to the ASF. Ok we cleaned up the code base, removed external libs, replace some
and developed some new things. I would say normal work in the broadest sense ... Otherwise
the code base would change for every release and we have blocks for each of them.
> The elimination of all non-Apache-licensed code from the former codebase is hardly "normal
work", and the replacement of the functions it performed with other code from other sources
won't be either.
> All this pretence that AOO somehow a "business as usual" continuation of the former project
is frankly unhelpful. Just face up to the fact this is a new project in a new venue with new
rules, a new license, a new brand, and strong historic links to the former codebase. As Graham
keeps hinting, treating this as a strength seems to be both the right marketing policy and
a great opportunity to move beyond past hurts.

I think that we need to agree to disagree. Let's look at some AOO(i) accomplishments.

- Moved Bugzilla to Apache Infrastructure.
- Moved MediaWiki to Apache Infra.
- Moved User Forums to Apache Infra.
- Transferred Domain Registration of to the ASF.
- Changed the headers to AL2.0
- Replaced many incompatible components.
- About to move to Apache Infra. The new site is built and final adjustments
are being made.
- All of the NLP projects are included - they are there for volunteers.
- Ready to migrate the Mailing Lists.
- Extensions and Templates plans are being debated by Infrastructure.

We are working to move as much of as possible, and it is a substantial portion
of the assets.

It looks like there is some confusion about the fact that the project is new, but the codebase
etc. is as much as possible a continuation.

I don't want to debate this. It is what we at the Apache OpenOffice (incubating) project are
doing. People are welcome to join.

Marketing discussions on ooo-marketing. As you imply there is a lot to do and energy is best
spent doing!

Donations to the ASF are not directed, but if you look at the list above you'll see that Apache
Infrastructure is doing a lot for the project and donations do support that effort.

Best Regards,
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