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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject Re: Too many lists
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2011 04:33:49 GMT
Am 15.12.11 00:26, schrieb Ross Gardler:
> I'm really concerned about the tendency of the AOO project to keep
> proposing and seriously considering new lists (well that is probably
> over stating it, but I am genuinely concerned).
> Each time you create a list you separate the community from itself. It
> should not happen until there is a proven need for it. Splitting the
> community in this way leads to questions like "which list should this
> be on" and subsequently "which list should I search to find the answer
> to this".
If you have only one list you endup with the question. "Wich E-Mail 
should I read and wich not". I for my person read a mailing list with 
about 30 mails per dey. If the traffic is heigher I overfly the list 
only, and pick same Mails. So I miss the information. the ooo-dev@i.a.o 
is one of the moast active ML at the whole Apche project. and in fact 
OOo is not realy active yet. We have no translation, we have no document 
writing, we have not realy a active QA now. Even the development just 

OOo has a load of specialized people, for exemple translaters, or 
document writer. They don't care about development. If we keep on this 
one big ML project strategy we will not be able to bring this people on 
board. Reading a list with 50+ is time consuming, and not everyone is 
willing to spend this time. For exemple: localisation is a part who has 
not everytime work. If we stand with a one big ML concept, Localizer has 
to read this list for maybe nonth for nothing. This people we will 
probabily lose, and that's not good.

I for exemple are happy that we have a separate marketing list. Because 
I'm simply not interested in marketing at all. So I'm not subscribed at 
the list. But I don't miss that sameone make a Apache OpenOffice Logo 
proposal. Why? sameone brings this topic to the OOoDev. That's how 
communication works. Important things you take to the main List, the 
rest you discouss in smaller groups.

We have a load of people who has not joined the project yet, because 
they don't feel at home here. Apache is at the Moment a good home for 
developers, but Apache has no concept how to deal with localization 
people, Document writer and so. They feel not realy at home here, 
because Apache provide not the space for this people.

Sure the ASF has a load of experionce an building developer Communities. 
But I think the OOo project has much more experience in local community 
building, Translation and Localization, and Documentation. Please give 
us our space we need to grow up here.
> The most recent example is the I10n proposal. It will, probably,
> become necessary to create such a list in the future. But i10n affects
> everyone, not just those doing translations. The discussion about how
> to structure the I10n effort in AOO should happen here where everyone
> can easily find it.
> Clear email subjects will allow people to quickly skip over emails on
> topics they are not concerned about, but it ensures that nobody is
> forced off into a quiet corner where they are all alone.
> Ross

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