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From "Sally Khudairi" <>
Subject RE: IP Clearance Milestone
Date Sat, 24 Dec 2011 10:14:05 GMT
Thanks, Ross.
I'm missing some context here. Who wants to do what, why, and when?
Chat soon.
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From: Ross Gardler
Sent:  24/12/2011, 4:45  AM
Cc: ASF Marketing & Publicity
Subject: Re: IP Clearance Milestone

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On Dec 24, 2011 8:54 AM, "Gianluca Turconi" <>
> In data 24 dicembre 2011 alle ore 01:41:34, Shane Curcuru
> <> ha scritto:
>> One might look in the obvious place:
> I read there: "Any press release or news announcement that refers to The
> ASF and/or its projects must be reviewed and approved by the VP, Marketing
> and Publicity in advance of its distribution."
> How can that work flow be conciliated with press releases or other infos
> released in languages other than English?

The ASF is a big organisation, we have people who speak most languages,
although not all are currently signed up to the press@ list.

One thing that seems relatively easy to do (for multi-lingual releases)
would be to get the English version approved and translate. It's more
difficult when someone wants top make a release in a single language.

Thanks for flagging this, I've shared this mail with press@ to see how
Sally (VP M&P) wants to prepare. Can you take a guess at the languages we
are likely to encounter early.


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