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From "Gianluca Turconi" <>
Subject Re: Draft IP Review Plan for OpenOffice
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2011 08:31:22 GMT
In data 17 novembre 2011 alle ore 22:26:18, Rob Weir <>  
ha scritto:

> I'm OK with that.  This is what I was thinking of as #3 below.  So
> saying, "You do not have a dictionary installed, would you like to see
> a list of 3rd party dictionaries?" is fine.  You then can launch a
> browser or have an in-app extension browser.  But we're not choosing
> among the alternatives.  We're inviting the user to do this.  Of
> course, a 3rd party could take AOO, modify it and constrain the
> choices further, bundle dictionaries, etc.

Are you talking about an after-installation wizard or something similar,  
aren't you?

This means that AOOo wouldn't be a ready-to-use product just after the  
installation. That's fine for individual installations.

However, what about network installations?

I think many IT admins *really* don't like users' installation of  
add-ons... ;-)

Wouldn't it be better to have such procedure directly included into the  
installation of the application?

There would be 2 options:

a) a normal installation (plain vanilla AOOo);

b) a custom Installation (vanilla AOOo + selected and downloadable  
dictionaries, templates, everything else).

Just my 2 cents.


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