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From Bert Frees <>
Subject Could not create java implementation loader
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2011 13:50:50 GMT
Hi folks,

I'm sure this issue has been brought up before...

 From what I've read on forums, A LOT of Java extensions can not be 
installed by some users because of the "Could not create Java 
implementation loader" error.

The extension odt2braille I developed has this problem too, in Windows. 
The error seems to happen randomly, with all kinds of OOo/LO versions, 
Windows versions and Java versions. I've tried to understand what this 
error is about, but I'm completely groping in the dark. I can find a lot 
of suggestions on the web, but nobody really seems to know what causes 
this error.

Until now, I've advised my users to try OpenOfficePortable or 
LibreOfficePortable if they get this error, because it has already been 
succesful a few times in my own experience. But apparently there are 
also cases where it doesn't help.

Bert Frees

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