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From Gianluca Turconi <>
Subject Re: GPL'd dictionaries (was Re:
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2011 08:00:05 GMT
Il 24/11/2011 17.39, Ariel Constenla-Haile ha scritto:
> Dictionaries are developed by individuals/entities outside OOo,
> they were never developed inside the OOo source tree. I'm not sure
> what was the procedure (sure Gianluca can comment), but it seems like
> these dictionaries were updated on request, not developed by OOo.

Surely, the community developed the dictionaries and there were specific 
*external* projects that worked on several dictionaries.

I.e. the Italian thesaurus was created thanks to a large and long 
collaboration with an Italian school, as a students' project.

> And on the other side:
> * some dictionaries are incomplete (like the Spanish case)
> * there may be cases where there are more dictionaries out there for the
>    same language. Why should AOO favor one? The user should be the one
>    who chooses which dictionary to install

My main worry is to provide to the users, at *download time*, *all* 
tools they may need for a functional Office Suite, without forcing them 
to browse one or more external websites for important add-ons like the 
linguistic tools.

> For the official binary release AOO can ship category B libraries in
> binary form, so for a release AOO can (and should) be compiled with
> --enable-hunspell and --enable-hyphen until someone finds a replacement.
> An official binary release without the three linguistic components is
> a NO-GO (IMO).

a big +1 from me.

> A binary official release without dictionaries may be annoying for the
> end users, but there are alternatives (like (miss-)using the first start
> wizard to invite the user to download dictionary-extensions for his/her
> language, etc.).

I suppose Andre Fischer started this thread just to find a consensus 
about a single alternative among those we were previously discussing. ;-)

So far, there are 3 proposal:

a) Download the extension (assuming that the right locale can be 
detected) automatically from the extension repository during installation;

b) As last step of the installation, pop up a web page that, among other 
things, tells the user that there is a dictionary extension that can be 
installed and what its license is;

c) let the user know that there is one (or multiple) linguistic tools 
pack extension for his/her native language when the main AOO binary is 

Dennis Hamilton raised some security concerns about a) and b) solution, 
I suppose.


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