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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject [OT] Progress in my fight to walking normal!!!
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2011 18:46:23 GMT
Hi at all

I make a big progress in my fight to walking normal. I won't going here 
in the medical details but one spastic muscle is now under much better 
control. This muscle was never active in sport activity, and his 
inactivity was the main reason why I'm about 1/3 slower in running as 
normal people. Last wekend this muscle take activity the first time 
during a run.

Well, this is just the beginning. It will take about a year training to 
put the muscle to the same level as the other one.  And I don't realy 
know how big the impact is. I will have to train hard in the next years. 
So please understand that I can't particip on events. I need to train 
realy frequently.

Greetings Raphael
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