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From Gianluca Turconi <>
Subject Re: Hunspell dictionaries are not just words lists (+ other matters)
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2011 11:55:48 GMT
Pedro Giffuni ha scritto:
> There is however, for practical purposes, a huge difference
> for us between MPL/LGPL (the french case) and GPL-only (the
> italian case).
Well, the Italian dictionary in his long history has been distributed 
under SSIL, LGPL+GPL, LGPL only, GPL only, and as you know, recently 
under Apache license v. 2.0 too.

I think there are two different issues here:

a) for the authors: changing licenses or find another legal way to 
include the linguistic tools or create everything from scratch again;

b) for the users: having open source office suite *product *with 
functional linguistic tools.

Under a), I have done everything I know to facilitate the inclusion of 
what I've created and, be sure, I won't start another dictionary from 
scratch *again*. ;-)

Under b), since I'm a power OOo user too, I have to say that a Office 
Suite without functional linguistic tools in my native language, would 
be simply like crap for me.

I perfectly know that Apache project has its own rules and produces code 
according to those rules without looking at functionalities. That's OK, 
for me.

Nevertheless, OOo users have to be productive in their daily jobs and 
look *a lot* at functionalities.

So, if the choice is between a full-Apache-compliant OOo product and 
productivity, I'll always chose productivity.

I think this issue is one where comprise has to be pursed as first solution.



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