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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject Re: Willing help on Test
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 20:13:24 GMT
Am 02.11.11 16:43, schrieb Wolfram Garten:
> Hi Raphael,
> Am 02.11.2011 03:30, schrieb Raphael Bircher:
>> Hi Ji Yan
>> Am 02.11.11 01:58, schrieb Ji Yan:
>>> Hi all,
>>>    This is Yan Ji from IBM Lotus Symphony test team. I've been 
>>> working in
>>> Symphony for almost five years . It's my honour to join the 
>>> community. As a
>>> QE of Symphony my major focus is FVT in both
>>> WordProcessor/Spreadsheet/Presentation and Install. Now I'm willing to
>>> contribute my effort on Apache OpenOffice. Please let me know if 
>>> there is
>>> anything I can help on OO 3.4 release.
>> Welcome! At the moment we have no public builds, but you can build a 
>> AOOo your self or maybe a other IBMer do it for you ;-) We have 
>> different work to do:
>> 1) Bugzilla editing unconfirmed issues
>> 2) Automation: Setup test boxes and make it ready to start
> you mean testmachines for automated testing ? In former times 
> I can remember that ( I think it was) Maho who provided important 
> files for the automated testers of the community outside from Oracle. 
> Is he still doing so or did he left to LO? I do not know...
Maho was providing a compressed testautomation directory on the good-day 
servers. At the moment, Maho search a new server, because the good-day 
is no longer aviable for Anyway, to get the 
testautomation directory was never realy the key problem. 
"testautomation" is still in the source, and everyone can checkout it.

The problem is more, that the TT never run in a productive mode outside 
SUN/Oracle. Yes, same people like me experiment with the TT, but in fact 
the TT was not used by the Community at all. I see different reasons, 
why TT was never used outside SUN/Oracle
1) TT is complicate to use
2) SUN did this job, and there was no reason to do the same job again
3) SUN used tools who are not aviable for the Community (Testlauncher 
for exemple)

So TT was in fact a more or less SUN internal tool. At SUN it was easy 
(as I heared) to use the TT. This tests was hevy automated. SUN has 
special VM's only dedicated for this tests. But we have no more access 
to this infrastructure. The only thing we have is the TT and the 
testscripts. If we will use TT then we have a load to rework.

Byside, we have not many people with TT experience. You can maybe help here.

Greetings Raphael

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