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From eric b <>
Subject Re: GPL'd dictionaries (was Re:
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2011 09:04:25 GMT
Hi Gianluca,

Le 7 nov. 11 à 09:29, Gianluca Turconi a écrit :

> Rob Weir ha scritto:
>> 1) The user can download the dictionaries onto their own machines, if
>> they agree to uphold the license.
>> 2) We could have a UI in the product that helps the user download
>> dictionaries.  This could state the license and require the user to
>> click "agree".
> Like I've wrote to Pedro, it would be useful, at least to me, to  
> know how the compiling and releasing structure of AOOo *binaries*  
> will be organized.
> If the binaries will be *contributed* by external volunteers and  
> structures, the inclusion of GPL'd parts would be consented anyway,  
> since the code repository would be untouched and only the binaries  
> would be hypothetically ruled by GPL.

Well, a fast read in the sources (please other, correct me if I'm  
wrong) leads me to that :

1) there is one module (say a directory in the main OOo tree) named   

2) inside, the tree is organized into

- one subdir per locale,
- inside every locale, you find

More precisely, main/dictionaries/  contains one subdir per locale +  
util, containing the main makefile for the module "dictionary" :

af_ZA   da_DK   de_DE   es_ES   gl      hu_HU   lt_LT   no       
pt_BR   sk_SK   sv_SE   util
ca      de_AT   diclst  et_EE   he_IL   it_IT   ne_NP   pl_PL    
ro      sl_SI   sw_TZ   vi
cs_CZ   de_CH   en      fr_FR   hr_HR   ku_TR   nl_NL   prj      
ru_RU   sr      th_TH   zu_ZA

e.g. in main/dictionaries/it_IT, we got :

README_hyph_it_IT.txt   desc_en.txt              
README_it_IT.txt        desc_it.txt              
ico.png                 manifest.xml
README_th_it_IT.txt     description.xml          
it_IT.aff               th_it_IT_v2.dat
delzip                  dictionaries.xcu         
it_IT.dic               th_it_IT_v2.idx

If I'm not wrong, the dictionary itself is the it_IT.dic file.

3) at buildtime, the content of every locale is zipped as an extension

At least this is what I read in dictionaries/util/

4) every zipped dictionary is delivered in the solver, and included  
in the final package, depending on the goal as an extension

See main/setup_native/source/packinfo/package_names.txt  for the list  
of available dictionaries.

5) at packaging time :

when packaging an archive, on a given OS, a list of dictionary is  
used, to add the one needed for a given locale.

See main/setup_native/source/packinfo/spellchecker_selection.txt to  
check what dictionary will be installed, for a given locale.

I'm a bit unsure, but the pre-installed dictionaries (or maybe they  
are at user install time) are installed as extensions.

My 2 cts

Eric Bachard

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