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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Module VCL doesn't link external ICU
Date Sun, 06 Nov 2011 22:48:26 GMT
Ugh.. I'm still struggling with the BSD build, and
apparently it should be simple but perhaps someone
that knows well the build structure can give me a good hint:

Building module vcl

Entering /usr/ports/editors/

cd .. && gmake -s -r -j1 
[ build LNK ] Library/
In function `IcuLayoutEngine::operator()(ServerFontLayout&, ImplLayoutArgs&)':
gcach_layout.cxx:(.text+0x7f4): undefined reference to `uscript_getScript_48'
gcach_layout.cxx:(.text+0x853): undefined reference to `icu_48::LayoutEngine::layoutEngineFactory(icu_48::LEFontInstance
const*, int, int, LEErrorCode&)'
gcach_layout.cxx:(.text+0x8f4): undefined reference to `icu_48::LayoutEngine::ge 
tGlyphs(unsigned int*, LEErrorCode&) const

In function `ImplLayoutArgs::ImplLayoutArgs(unsigned short const*, int, int, int, int)':
sallayout.cxx:(.text+0x153e): undefined reference to `ubidi_openSized_48'
sallayout.cxx:(.text+0x1563): undefined reference to `ubidi_setPara_48'
sallayout.cxx:(.text+0x157b): undefined reference to `ubidi_openSized_48'
sallayout.cxx:(.text+0x1592): undefined reference to `ubidi_setLine_48'
sallayout.cxx:(.text+0x159f): undefined reference to `ubidi_countRuns_48'
sallayout.cxx:(.text+0x15c7): undefined reference to `ubidi_getVisualRun_48'
sallayout.cxx:(.text+0x15f9): undefined reference to `ubidi_close_48'
sallayout.cxx:(.text+0x1601): undefined reference to `ubidi_close_48'
In function `GetMirroredChar(unsigned int)':
sallayout.cxx:(.text+0xc51): undefined reference to `u_charMirror_48'
gmake: *** [/usr/ports/editors/]
Error 1
dmake:  Error code 2, while making 'all'

Going verbose just shows a lot of objects being linked
but not ICU which is the missing piece.

Part of the problem is that I have to use some external
libraries and this ends up catching the external ICU,
but in any case there is --with-system-icu so this
should be OK.

So ... how can I fix this?

Thanks in advance,


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