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From eric b <>
Subject Re: [CODE]: 118605 remove epm?
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 14:02:50 GMT

Le 22 nov. 11 à 14:33, Jürgen Schmidt a écrit :

> Hi Pedro,
> On 11/22/11 1:52 PM, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
>> Hmmm ...
>> Nevermind, OpenPKG is rather bulky.
>> Unfortunately portable packagers seem not
>> to be too common anymore.
> the point is simply that we have to understand the whole packaging  
> process better. I thought it was worse to check if it's possible to  
> use a system epm. Sometimes things become easier over time or even  
> obsolete. But in this case it seems that we have to stick with the  
> 3.7 epm and the patches we have because they are very specific for  
> OOo.

I don't think so : system epm *should* work out of the box, if not,  
we need to fix the issue.

I'll try a build tonight on Linux, and if broken, I'll have a look.

> I hope that we can simplify this packaging process in the future a  
> little bit because we can concentrate on one product only.

Sure. That's exactly what I did with OOo4Kids.

Most of the options are given at configure time. The result is  
environment variables.

At the end, the packaging is done using perl scripts, all located in  
solenv/bin. setup_native will produce the Control files, and only  
sysui has another process, to build the menu entries.

> In the past all processes here were designed to make it possible to  
> build a StarOffice/Oracle Office version on top of it.
> The problem is that we have to analyze the whole process to  
> understand how it works. In the past one developer worked full-time  
> on this packaging stuff ...

I'd suggest to document it on the wiki.  We are several to know well  
the build process on this list.

What is your issue ? Do you have a log ?

Lat but not least, I really think we should make IRC ClassRoom, and  
invite newcomers to try building Apache (sorry, I'll  
keep the .org) : 10 or +  builders, means the most little issue is  
immediately detected, and often, directly fixed.


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