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From "Yuri Dario" <>
Subject Re: Apply as committer
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 12:44:45 GMT
Hi Rob,

> Welcome to the project and welcome to Apache!

thanks :-))

> I'd recommend reading this page, especially the sections on
> "Meritocracy" and "Roles":

I looked at these pages first, but I thought that existing OOo 
developers with write access to sun servers were already at committer 
level. But it is not a problem to start as developer :-))

> You can send the iCLA to the Apache Secretary at any time.  You do not


> In any case, I'd recommend starting with simple patches, at a module
> level, to make it easier to review.

sure, I have plenty of them to submit once I resync with AOOo tree.

> Also, where are you distributing the OS/2 ports?

current OS/2 binary builds are done by a vendor, and are shipped with 
the eComStation license, so they are not available to general public. 
While full source tree is available to everyone, nobody tried to 
compile it (it is not a trivial task).


	Yuri Dario

 * OS/2 open source software

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