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From floris v <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Migration of Forums Recruitment of Operators
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2011 13:54:56 GMT
Op 23-10-2011 15:15, RGB ES schreef:
> 2011/10/23 Rob Weir<>
>> My main concern is that we don't have any forum that has no one there
>> helping users, removing spam, etc.  When will we know if that is the
>> case?
> I did not understand that, sorry. Could you explain which your concern is?
> And about volunteers, while many voted against the move I did not heard
> anyone telling he or she will left the forums because the move is finally
> accepted. You may see that as an example that our "meritocracy" is very
> "democratic", with volunteers following the decision from the majority...
> Many volunteers will not apply to commiter status (and this maybe will raise
> some questions about current and future admins) and are not interested on
> being part of the PPMC, but AFAIK all of us will continue doing what we
> always did: help users.
> Cheers
> Ricardo
There seems to be a problem with the staff at the Dutch language forum. 
Founding admin henke54 has already announced that he will  resign, I'm 
the only other Dutch speaking admin and will resign as well. The 
remaining active moderators (RPG and Johan) and volunteers (Eremmel, who 
visits the forum regularly but hasn't posted on the issue) aren't 
interested in signing the iCLA or becoming committers. We will all stay 
to help users, we just don't want the extra work or feel we're not 
suited for the job.

Peter aka floris v

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