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From Michael Stahl <>
Subject Re: Umbrella projects
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2011 17:50:21 GMT
On 12.09.2011 18:08, Rob Weir wrote:
> But I'll propose a simpler solution.  We should make it easy to
> nominate and approve releases of language packs and full installs
> based on already approved source releases.  All we need is some
> indication from an expert that a given translation was ready.  This
> might be from a PPMC member, a Committer, or a number of Users on the
> user list who have tried a pre-release language pack snapshot.  We
> need to rely on expertise here, expertise outside of the PPMC.  But
> once we decide to spin a new release, I don't think why this is not
> most easily done by a vote on ooo-dev.  And I'd feel much better if
> the same volunteers who are building the core installs also built the
> 110 language versions.  It makes zero sense to have 330 different
> people doing this (110 languages x 3 platforms).  There is too much
> scope for error.


at OOo it worked like this: Hamburg releng did localized builds for all
languages, then the NL communities did QA and (hopefully) approved the
release, possibly at a later time than the en_US release.  builds that
aren't approved aren't available for download by end users.

so the actual binary code in all the localized installation sets was the
same, just the UI resources and such differed.


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