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From Michael Stahl <>
Subject Re: [LINUX-BUILD] Developer Education -- Building on Linux event starts now
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2011 11:33:21 GMT
On 07.09.2011 09:13, eric b wrote:

> B) More important :
> * l10n causes a big breakage, and you must avoid using --with-lang= ....
> If ever a workaround exists, we should put it online, urgently.
> Have people building Apache is extremely important,  
> and I'm ready to help the one interested.

tried to fix this now, please try if you can get a --with-lang build.

(haven't tested myself, my build will take some hours and i'll be away

oh, guess you need a "source_config" in the "ooo" directory (which
contains "main"/"extras") containing:


(btw, if only somebody please removed this source_config nonsense...)

> C) Design issue :
> Last but not least, we have Oracle logo at launch, in the  
> splashscreen, and I'd like to know whether there is a plan for a new  
> Design ? Ben Bois, our Designer (he did OOo4Kids and OOoLight  
> design), is ok to help for new colors, and so on.

of course the Oracle branding will have to be removed.

> On my side, I know well this part of code, and I could even replace  
> the .bmp with a .png file at launch in the splashscreen. Better : we  
> (including me) could mentor a student to make it ?

any efforts in this direction are appreciated, so go for it :)


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