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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: VCL TestTool
Date Sun, 18 Sep 2011 17:42:54 GMT
On Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 1:07 PM, Mathias Bauer <> wrote:
> Am 18.09.2011 17:34, schrieb Raphael Bircher:
>> Hi at all
>> The VCL TestTool is a GUI Testtool for who was writen by
>> SUN and wildly used in by the Hamburg people. The VCL TestTool (short
>> TT) is designed to avoid regressions. I the past, the test was not a
>> load used by the community, and same people say, TT is only wasting time
>> that can be better used by manual testing. There are two disavantage
>> with the TT.
> The testtool has some value if it is used with careful consideration and
> not as a blind adherence to some stupid rules ("Thou shalt not integrate
> code without running the testtool on it").
>> So I will give the TT a chance, and started to testing with it, and I
>> was surprised. The first Test brings a error. Within five minutes I can
>> confirm it manualy. It was the "save with password error". Well, maybe
>> this was also a bit luck, but even it takes 20 Minutes to analyse the
>> error, it's the time wrote.
> This backs up my experience with the test tool: it is best used when
> larger parts of the code have been replaced, rewritten or removed. Like
> now. Though you should be prepared for a lot of red herrings, especially
> on Linux (the Windows runs take longer but from my own experience are
> much more reliable).
> Using the testtool in the long run is problematic: the developers of
> that tool didn't maintain its source code for years, so nowadays it's
> impossible to create a running testtool from the current sources. OTOH
> the sources of the currently available binary instance of the testtool
> are several years old an sooner or later won't run anymore. The Linux
> version already does not run at least on 64Bit Ubuntu.
> The quality of the test scripts also is average at best. And many tests
> are superfluous, some of them are carried out up to 9 times, just
> wasting time.

Is there a different tool for GUI test automation that we should be
investing in going forward?

> Regards,
> Mathias

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