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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: Fix me: Abnormalities during bootstrap
Date Sat, 10 Sep 2011 14:57:10 GMT
Am 10.09.2011 15:00, schrieb Joost Andrae:

> Hi Mathias,
>>> After starting the build process on my Win7 64bit notebook (dual core
>>> Intel 2.8 Ghz with 8 GB memory) it quite often stopped but rebuilding
>>> went always fine (until now; I'm still compiling binfilter). I thought
>>> it might be useful to implement a watchdog process watching
>>> stderr/stdout that restarts dmake as soon as the build breaks but it
>>> needs to interpret the error thrown.
>> Probably you have been hit by the well-known bug in GNU Make 3.81 that
>> lets it core-dump at times. This needs to be solved, the developers of
>> Libre Office have gained some experience with that.
> GNU Make 3.8.1 is installed on my machine but I thought that dmake is 
> always used instead ?

You really did not recognize our "new build environment" project?
Parts of OOo are built with GNU Make, hopefully somewhere in the future

>>> Documentation at
>>> was really helpful despite I had to disable ATL
>> If you used VC Express: IIRC the documentation mentions that this is
>> necessary in that case.
> Yes it is MSVC++ Express 2008 using Cygwin.
> btw. I wonder about the low CPU load during compile job (max. 50%). Is 
> there a way to allow dmake to parallelize compile jobs ?

You can use "build -Pn" or "build -- -Pn" where n is the number of
parallel build jobs you want to use. As a rule of thumb you will get the
best performance with n = 2*number of (virtual) cores that you have.

The first variant "build -Pn" starts n parallel processes of dmake, the
second "build -- -Pn" tells dmake to do n parallel tasks. You also use
"build -Pn -- -Pn" and divide your cores between both options. If you do
a full build, I recommend "build -Pn -- -Pn" with n=square root of
number of your cores (means 2 or 3 for 4 or 8 cores).

This procedure is awkward and doesn't scale well. This was one of the
reasons why we wanted a new build system. If everything was build with
our new GNU Make based build system, the build would scale much better,
nearly linear with the number of available cores.


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