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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject Re: [wiki] Migration - A TerryE Clipping Collection [LONG]
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2011 23:02:18 GMT

Thanks very much for sending this. I discovered that Terry had actually 
done a great job of documenting what had already occurred and some 
thoughts on what needed to be done on this wiki page...

So, I took the liberty of documenting where we are now -- also exploring 

I have NOT kept up with discussion on ultimate use -- who will have 
update access, so if someone knows this, or ultimately what was decided, 
please add to the existing page.


On 09/06/2011 07:56 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> I compiled a LONG chronological clipping set of notes from Terry on
> from conception to when he stopped posting on the issues and thinking
> around Wiki migration.
> I'm breaking a thread here. There is no need to comment on any of
> this, it is for reference and mining for things to not overlook,
> collate onto the wiki, etc.
> The selections are mine, the list is long, and it probably works
> better distilled onto a wiki.  This is the collection phase.
> I am staying as close to the architectural and technical
> considerations that I can, and not follow into areas where there were
> policy spats of one kind or another.  I thought I might have to look
> at others posts too, but generally, I could find enough in what Terry
> was responding to to provide continuity.
> It is interesting that we are now re-hashing some of the things that
> Terry covered at least one starting over a month ago.
> NOTE: Terry also provided OOOUSER Material
> *** 2011-07-31-13:53 All times PDT (UTC-0700), TerryE - Wiki Size
> The OOo wiki contains 10,521 content pages and 11.338 uploaded files.
> These form a critical service to the end-user community.  Note that
> the cwiki markup format doesn't support many of the MediaWiki
> specific markups in this content.
> *** 2011-07-31-14:36 TerryE - Concerns for Conversion to CWiki
> [T]he challenge here is that the cwiki markup grammer is different to
> that of mediawiki and largely a functional subset.  Worse, mediawiki
> supports extensions to allow you to extend this. The OOo
> implementation currently uses *42* such extensions.  One of these was
> custom-developed by the German OOo team.  With over 10,000 pages of
> content, sentencing this lot and even if we establish a migration
> ruleset to map 90% of the non-conformities, we still looking at a
> MAJOR project.
> *** 2011-07-31-15:07 Terry Ellison - Formulating the
> Hardware/Software Stack
> Both the OOo forums and the OOo wiki can run on a standard LAMP
> stack. [ ... ]
> The wiki is a bit more of a hog and need 4-cores, but it currently
> doesn't use a PHP opcode cache and this would halve this load.  Most
> of the access is guest, so using a squid or varnish front-end will
> drop this significantly.
> The simplest way to provide this service would be to use VMs and
> AFAIK this is a model that the a.o infrastructure guys understand.
> *** 2011-07-31-16:02 TerryE - Migrating the Wiki, Concerns not to
> Overlook
> As far as the wiki goes, this template has been more heavily
> customised again using standard MediaWiki hooks and facilities.
> Switching logos and banners would be reasonably straight forward, but
> alas the guys that did the bulk of the content management are
> history.
>> (3) Legal - IP, Copyright and Licensing We will need to make sure
>> that we have clear documentation of the copyright and license for
>> the content on the wiki and user forums. We'll need to make sure
>> that the Migration does not infringe on anyone's copyright and/or
>> inadvertently change any licenses. If we are clear about what we
>> are planning for these sites on an domain then it
>> *might* be possible to take everything.
> The forum content was all under the Sun then Oracle terms which
> roughly mirror CCA but with OOo retaining full rights to use.  All
> bar a few dozen of the wiki pages likewise.
> *** 2011-08-01-07:42 Terry Ellison - Server Capacity Considerations,
> Confirming Operation
>> [C]an you give me some Ubuntu VM specs so I can create them for the
>> Forums and the Wiki -- we can then get them setup and working as a
>> test and ready for a final dump/load when we switch over, in the
>> meantime we can check the loads of the VM hosts etc to be sure all
>> will be ok.
>> Just amount of RAM and disk  space required should be all I need -
>> and 1 or 2 cpu , then I'll get an Ubuntu VM up for each. We try and
>> stick to LTS releases so will get it to 10.04.3 LTS version unless
>> you have a reason we should use a later Ubuntu release.
> I track Ubuntu current for my laptop and home server, and use Ubuntu
> LTS by preference for my LAMP VMs.  I use a 2 disk split with a
> common immutable system image and an app-specific /var (with callback
> hooks in the startup so the app can tailor the system).  I've just
> rebaseline my VMs from 10.04-1 LTS to 10.03-1 LTS.  If you guys have
> already developed an Ubuntu VM template then I can always pick up
> that. If not then I'll write up my template and make sure the
> licensing of my IPR / content is OK, so you have the option to reuse
> it.
> I would prefer to stick with Ubuntu VMs for now because I like to
> keep local mirrors of any prod system for release
> development/rehearsal and hunting down live problems.  I currently
> use VirtualBox, but I can reinstall VMserver on my local server so
> that I can switch my VMs from VBox Guest Utils to VMware Tools.  (I
> like to exactly mirror any prod systems locally.)
> Installing and getting to grips with the bowels of FreeBSD server is
> just another learning curve that I would like to avoid at the
> moment. I've already got a learning curve on compliance with your
> own infrastructure standards on Identification&  Access Control,
> Backup, Logging, Intrusion Detection, Status Report, ....
> *** 2011-08-01-09:53 TerryE - More on Confluence Migration
> *I* have looked at [migration to Confluence] and it *will* be hard. I
> didn't say impossible. ... Just look at
> * *
> for the volumetrics and MediaWiki extensions used.  If you google
> "mediawiki confluence migration" then you will see that isn't a
> trivial exercise even for wiki using standard MW with no extensions:
> it would involve person-years of effort.  I have suggested ...
> rehosting but on a sustain basis for the wiki.  I can set all of this
> up, if agreeable to the project.  It doesn't need further material
> resources from the Apache team.  This would at least buy us the time
> to do a proper migration plan and resource it.
> *** 2011-08-01-20:03 TerryE - Working to Have Confirmable
> Configurations, Trial Operation
>> I'd like to get going so am going to create 2 x VMs of 50GB space
>> and 2GB RAM each, both with Ubuntu 10.04.3. One for the mediawiki
>> and one for the forums.
> The wiki might struggle without tuning, since the current config
> isn't and the MediaWiki engine is a D/B hog unless you stick a cache
> such as Squid or Varnish in front of it. ...
> I'll want to mirror them exactly for my dev, so can you mail me the
> dpkg -l listing together with the etc tarball and details of any not
> debian installs.
> I'll shout if there's anything missing.  We'll need a PHP accelerator
> -- Xcache or APC, and php5-cli.
> *** 2011-08-03-08:07 Terry Ellison - Reaching the Wiki Users, Legal
> Concerns
>> [...] Is there a announcement list or some other mechanism to send
>> an email to every registered wiki user?
> At a technical level, it's simple to run a query dumping all of the
> mail addresses of contributors to the wiki.  I've just done a few on
> my local VM which has a snapshot of  the prod wiki as at Thursday/Fri
> night IIRC.
> * There are 34,969 registered users.  Of which * 3,675 have made
> contributions.  There is no need to contact those who haven't * 3,623
> have registered email addresses and have made 182,677 contributions *
> 52 have no registered email addresses and have made 153 contributions
> (prob dating back to the early days when email registration and
> confirmation wasn't mandatory
> It is trivial to dump this list of user / email addr / post count.
> However giving this to Apache and the project making use of it is a
> more complex issue.  The server is current located in Oracle's
> Hamburg facility under German / EU legislation.  We have data
> protection legislation and Anti-Spam guidelines / legislation to bear
> in mind here.  Moving email addresses across national and
> organisational boundary might trigger these.  Also one can't send out
> mailshot emails in the EU unless the recipients have first agreed in
> principle to accept these.
> What I can do is to provide this data to Andrew via the internal
> Oracle email, and let him figure out the legal / compliance issues
> and terms of use before him making it available to the project.  ...
> *** 2011-08-04-01:36 Terry Ellison - Moving the WIki "As-Is" for Now
> I am working with the rest of the project to migrate the forums and
> the wiki "as-is" for now.
> .  As far as the wiki goes in the medium to longer term, the project
> may decide to move some material to cwiki, but this is work in
> progress.
> *** 2011-08-04-02:05 Terry E - Registering and Authorizing Users and
> Their Edits
>> 1) People must ask for an account; they can't self-subscribe.
>> Nothing is required except a few words about who you are and why
>> you want an account. Any one of several people authorised to
>> approve or reject these requests can deal with them expeditiously.
>> Very few spammers, in my experience, take the trouble to actually
>> request accounts.
> We need to implement this in a way which sits within MediaWiki
> functionality and complies with the goals.
> One way would be
> * to allow the normal self-registration and optional email address
> with email verification * and have a new wiki role, say "contributor"
> (or is this contributer in US-speak?). * guest have no write access *
> registered users can write to User and User_talk namespaces but to no
> others * registered users can request to become a Contributor, but
> the must have completed their User page, verified their email address
> and confirmed that all future edits to the Main or Talk namespaces
> are made under licence (CCA AL2 or whatever we decide. * the granting
> of Contributor is done by the bureaucrats. * The Main and Talk pages
> contain "reference" content. * There is a standard disclaimer that
> user/user talk is user content is user content * We would still need
> main and user namespace guidelines TOUs.
> This might seem a little convolved, but this can be configured with
> std MW/extension functionality.
>> 2) Alternatively, or in addition, the first X edits/
>> contributions/ whatever are moderated by a group of people, any one
>> of whom can approve or reject the items. After X acceptable
>> contributions, the person is then allowed to edit the wiki without
>> further supervision [ ... ]
> We could add another committer layer so that contributer (but not
> committer) edits are moderated
> However, I suspect that a trust-but-verify attitude is easier for
> everyone.  When we catch contributers deliberately abusing the
> rules, then we can always back out their changes and remove
> contributer status.  This is similar to our forum model and works
> well there.
> *** 2011-08-04-04:30 TerryE - Wiki Extension to Require
> Review-then-Commit
>> You probably know more about this than I do, but my understanding
>> is that the current OOo wiki has an extension installed that does
>> what I was suggesting in option 2, but the extension has not been
>> implemented.  See:
>> and
>> specifically:
Yes, you are correct.  This extension can do this and more, but with
> a grey issue like this I feel that a DL based dialogue isn't the
> best way to work out what to do here.  Better we work up a position
> paper/page within the OOOUSERS cwiki laying down the options, their
> pros and cons and then agree a consensus or vote either on the paper
> itself. Use the DL to note the consensus and get wider feedback.
> What concerns me is the moderation load involved with such an active
> intervention of review-before-publish.  Perhaps others with
> moderator experience might care to comment?
> My worry is that review-before-publish also ignores the reality of
> how people edit wikis.  In general they don't prepare and proof
> draft offline then paste their best and final into the article.  Most
> do it section by section or end up correcting / rewording when they
> see the final version, so one logical edit can comprise half a dozen
> posts.  I am not sure how this would work if you've got to wait for
> approval before the next edit.
> *** 2011-08-05-15:18 Terry Ellison - Migration Systems Setting Up
>> Gav, the Admin from the ASF has setup the VM for the MediaWiki.
>> It's a Ubuntu 10.4.3 LTS VM. At the Moment Gav and I has admin
>> access to this machine. First we have to install all the needed
>> software, Then we will make a test migration with a older Dump,
>> then we can make testings and finaly the final migration.
>> Greetings Raphael
> Raphael, great news.   I've my dev shadow VM up as well, and just
> logged onto minotaur for the first time with my new apache ID.  I'll
> ping the config detail over to you and Gavin and take it from there.
> Regards Terry
> *** 2011-08-07-10:49 TerryE - Questions About the Wiki and
> Customizing Pages
>> It should be possible to alter the login page to show any
>> important information we want to share about the migrated site,
>> correct? With possibly a survey?
>> Also, what is the purpose of the Bots group?
> The WikiEditor group is the default group for a MediaWiki extension,
> FlaggedRevisions, which facilitates some of the control
> functionality that Rob, you and other have been asking for.  If you
> look at Clayton's status page, this extension isn't yet put to use.
> A job for post transition, I think. But that's why Clayton is the
> only current member.
> Yes, the Main_Page is a restricted page, but anyone can take a copy
> and work on it in their User page hierarchy.  When we have a
> consensus that it's OK then I can move it back into main.
> The bots group is for a  function supported by MediaWiki  where it
> provides an [XMLRPC] to all batch process to  work on the wiki.  In
> this case Clayton and co used the PyWikipediabot (I think) to carry
> out bulk transactions. This needs an account with special
> privileges.
> *** 2011-08-07-15:38 Terry Ellison - WORK ITEMS AND ISSUES - FIRST
> I've just finished a 1st cut of outstanding tasks and issues for the
> Wiki.
> See
> Comments gratefully received on this DL and/or on the page itself.
> *** 2011-08-08-02:22 Terry Ellison - Derisking Migration/Staging -
> Separating Infrastructure/Platform and Content
> Thank-you all for your replies so far.  I will work through and
> respond to individual points in thread at the appropriate branch, but
> here I just wanted to propose that we divide the Wiki migration into
> two separate but task areas:
> * Migration of the infrastructure service.  What drives this is if
> Oracle decides, say, that the current hardware is being turned off on
> the XXth of Aug, then we need to move the service to a box in
>  The issues here are largely technical heavily involve
> the infrastructure team.  We need to be able to move quickly on this
> and few of the DL contributors have strong opinions here. They just
> want the 'magic to happen'.  Yes, there are a few decisions to be
> made, but the questions are a little esoteric for most DL members.  I
> offer to continue to lead this work area.
> * Migration of the wiki content / policy.  Here we have a range of
> widely and strongly held views and the DL seems to be acting as a
> debating shop without convergence to consensus on some points. This
> debate could still be continuing in 3 months time as far as I can
> see.  I don't want it to get in the way of infrastructure migration
> -- except when /absolutely/ necessary.  It also makes sense to break
> this task area further if this means that we can make progress in
> some areas, even if stalled in others.
> but from an infrastructure viewpoint I don't really care this
> branding process can be encapsulated and detached.
> * We make the pre-prod wiki available to the "branding team" * The
> branding team agree and implement the branding changes that the
> project wants to have in place for cut-over day.  In practice this
> could involve the creation or modification of content in the Main,
> File, MediaWiki, Wiki and Template Namespaces * I can
> use standard MW audit functionality to capture a list of all such
> pages, and then standard MW export functionality to create an XML.GZ
> dump of this work. * We then import the "live" wiki as part of
> cut-over. * I then reimport the above XML.GZ to reapply the branding
> changes to the migrated wiki.
> ... [M]y suggestion is to keep the infrastructure and content issues
> separate.  I can lead on the first.  We need someone who can lead on
> the second. His or her strengths should be that he/she has experience
> of delivery -- that is can make things happen -- and has a good
> working knowledge of more advance MW features such as templates, etc.
> I would think that either Drew or TJ would be well qualified, but
> that is only my personal suggestion.
> *** 2011-08-08-01:41 Terry Ellison - Getting Help on the Content
> Side
>> I can submit an iCLA if it would help (it's on my WIGATI list).
> [W]e need someone has sound MediaWiki skills to lead on doing these
> [content]  I've suggest that you are qualified.  I don't know if
> anyone on the DL other than you or I knows enough about MW content
> editing, so could you consider my suggestion?
> *** 2011-08-08-02:39 TerryE - More on Content Migration
>> I assuming that under the name "branding changes" we include:
>> 1) ->   Apache and associated logo
>> changes
>> 2) Removal of Oracle logos and name
>> 3) Replacement of privacy policy and disclaimer
>> 4) Update of page edit license text to require Apache 2.0 for new
>> contributions
> Yes, good points, though such content changes are functionally
> separate from the (infrastructure) migration.  I have suggested in a
> separate branch that we set up separate task area with its own leader
> to work these issues.
> *** 2011-08-08-03:16 Terry Ellison - Wanting to Walk through It At
> Home
> To be honest I'm not comfortable with any solution unless I've used
> myself, ... This {??] option is simple to implement and try in
> pre-prod, unlike a migration to PostgreSQL which will involve quite a
> bit of work.
> (An example of where I am comfortable is with the use of PHP-APC).
> What I had hoped to get feedback/from the wider ooo-dev DL/ was on
> the least technical risk, but which also had the business impact, and
> that is to stop the service for ~30 mins a day to do the backup.
> Is this acceptable?  Historically, the lowest transaction rates occur
> at ~04:00 UTC, so this is when I'd do it if we go this way.
> *** 2011-08-08-03:33 Terry Ellison - Risks of Changing DBMS along
> with Migration
> There are two factors against an early move to PostgreSQL:  (i) The
> MediaWiki cavaets on its use (here
> <>  and as all
> experienced Wikipedian's do look at the associated talk page here
> <>; this has a
> couple of interesting references which cookbook the conversion).
> (ii) The extra work involved. This is not only the D/B migration, but
> also a MW version upgrade 15.1 ->  17.
> To be honest I am uncomfortable doing this as part of this immediate
> "continuity of service" migration.  My suggestion is that if the
> wiki looks as if it is going to have a long term place within  the
> project then we should revisit this as part of an in-service
> improvement program in, say, 6-12 months.
> *** 2011-08-08-04:14 Terry Ellison - Migrating Static Web Projects to
> Wiki
>> I strongly suggest that all the native language projects
>> front-facing pages be migrated to the "new" wiki.
> [ ... ]
>> This would of course, give them URLS of the form
>>"nl_code" rather than
>> "nl_code"
> [ ... ]
>> Naturally, we should confirm acceptance with them for this.
> ... I see this as part of the content migration / transformation task
> area.  What I want to go is to get the current content over with loss
> of content, formatting or change history.
> ... I assume by your refrence to the "new" wiki ... you mean the
> ooo-dev cwiki.  As we've discussed before, the current migration from
> MediaWiki to Confluence can be highly lossy unless there is per-page
> content editor intervention: we [lose] all  change history, some
> content formatting (1) and some even content (2).  It therefore makes
> sense, even if we migrate the publicly viewed copy to cwiki, to keep
> a master copy of the old content online in ... this wiki, albeit
> moving the page into an "Archive" namespace which is private and
> read-only to committers.
> *** 2011-08-08-05:03 Terry Ellison - Migration Isn't Just Moving a
> System Dump
>> If Oracle decides, say, that the current hardware is being turned
>> off on the XXth of Aug, then we need to grab a backup of the
>> content to a box in
> It's a big more complicated than just grabbing the content :)  I
> already routine off-site the current forum and wiki system content
> for dev support and [Disaster Recovery], but that's within current
> working practices that date back to Sun days.  It's putting content
> to new use with a.o that requires clearing the hurdles.
> *** 2011-08-09-02:16 Terry Ellison - LOOKING AT WORK-ITEM ISSUES
> [Re 2011-08-07-15:38,
>  Thanks to everyone for this constructive feedback.  I hope that I
> have given replies in thread fork where you needed then, but I will
> up integrate them and update the document and move forward to
> complete task 6 in the next couple of days.  There are two further
> points that I would like to raise for comment / feedback.
> (1) This bulk of this page content relates to technical details and
> issues, rather than content / branding / licensing, etc..  As I
> mentioned in a reply to RobW, I would like to decouple the
> infrastructure aspects from the content-relate aspects as much as
> practical to keep the momentum on the platform move.  I therefore
> propose to move the bulk of the infrastructure content into a
> supplementary page which focuses on this content.
> (2) I will be making the snapshot version accessible to the project,
> however:
> * I will be overwriting all passwords (except mine and Drew's) thus
> disabling existing account use.  I will also replace all email
> addresses by dummies to prevent existing users resetting their
> passwords, and user page-watch information to stop bad emails being
> generated. * Anyone who one who wishes to work on the wiki will need
> to create a new account and apply to Drew or myself for temporary
> elevated privileges if needed.  Just remember that new content will
> be blown away at cut-over, so individual new users must use the
> standard export functionality prior to cut-over to save it if they
> want to restore it post live-transfer. * As step one removes the
> private data elements that could be viewed as falling within the
> purview of EU data protection legislation, this means that we could
> in principle make a copy of this D/B to any committers for data
> analysis. All they need is MySQL installed and 3Gb space the D/B.
> The data model is pretty straight forward :-) (*)
> (*) a quick example here is that the edit profile is a classic near
> log-lin relationship: 33% of edits where made by 10 editors, 73% by
> 100, 90% by 315.
> *** 2011-08-10 15:12 Terry Ellison TEST/PRE-PRODUCTION WIKI INSTANCE
> Just a quick update on progress on the wiki instance.  This is now up
> in preprod mode  on the subdomain ooo-wiki.  This is based on a
> snapshot taken at 4am yesterday morning.  The server needs further
> tuning, but functionally its there.  We do have some outstanding code
> issues (due to a change in the functionality of the PHP
> routine*call_user_func* between Version 5.3 and 5.2 which is not
> backwards compatible.  I'll sort this out tomorrow).
> Also note as per my previous email, all existing account have had
> there passwords mangled, so access is guest-mode only at the moment.
> Feel free to have a look, but updates and no service commitments
> yet.
> *** 2011-08-11-01:18 Terry Ellison - Rig for Silent Running
> (robots.txt)
>>> <>
>> Hmmm... if this is just a temporary URL, I wonder if we should try
>> to exclude search engine indexing via robots.txt ?
>> Otherwise, now that the URL is known, we're going to get spidered
>> but then all those links will soon be dead. <snip>
> Thanks Rob for pointing this out, and for Raphael and Gavin fixing
> it. This was incidentally on my bucket list for today.  I didn't
> think it that urgent as it would take a day or so for Google et al to
> acquire the site, but you correct.  Better sooner.
> *** 2011-08-11-01:38 Terry Ellison, BREAKAGE IN SEPARATING WIKI FROM
> OO.O
>> I found one bug: On the wiki left side lowest frame where store
>> links for other languages main pages, the links points to
>>, not to the
> You are correct, and in fact there are a lot of references to
> * in the content.  However, there isn't a production
> instance and there little point in changing these until (1) we agree
> what such "dirty" references are going to be changed to, and (2) we
> cut over for real.  Remember that any changes that we made on this
> instance will be lost when we bring over the live [database].
> 2011-08-12-04:53 Terry Ellison, OO.O WIKI ERROR LOGS BUMP
> As part of my takeover of SysAdmin on,
> I've been reviewing the error logs and noticed that last week there's
> been quite a rise in reported errors by clients trying to enumerate
> the wiki incorrectly.  This may just be a coincidence and nothing to
> do with our work, but if anyone on this DL is trying to suck material
> down, there are right ways to do this.  I also understand the
> MediaWiki webAPI if any of you want to write a bot to do this. ...
> Please contact me to discuss.
> *** 2011-08-23-20:30 Terry Ellison, SPEEDING UP WIKI ACCESS, REDUCING
> I've now finished the upgrade to add the Apache Traffic Server front
> end to the community MediaWiki service at
> and the service is back online.
> We need to do some further tuning of the system cache optimisation,
> but even with the first-cut settings that I prepared on my own
> test-bed VM, the system already looks as if it it is hitting the
> performance targets needed to sustain a full production transaction
> rate.  It certainly feels extremely snappy compared to the existing
> OOo community wiki or the Apache cwiki, and the Google pagespeed
> benchmarks are significantly better than both of these systems. So:
> * We are good to go for production migration of the community wiki. *
> We are the first Apache project adopter of another Apache project,
> Apache Traffic Server (ATS) * We have laid the foundation for an ATS
> template for MediaWiki hosting that can be used to promote the use of
> ATS for the wider MediaWiki systems community.
> It's been a hard few days work, and still some finishing to do, but
> my thanks to the Infrstructure and ATS guys that have supported me
> in making this happen.
> *** 2011-08-25-08:59 Terry Ellison, REQUEST FOR BASELINE AGREEMENTS
> I can't execute any plan without a baseline requirement and set of
> assumptions, so what this note attempts is to lay down such a set,
> and the decisions that need to be made to go forward.  So PLEASE, I
> don't want any flames about my use of DECISION below.  What I simply
> mean is the if the PPMC as a body accepts these, then I will try my
> best to move this work forward.  Of course you are free to challenge
> / change any of this if that is a PPMC voted decision, but in this
> case I need to move into a different mode; to suspend work and stop
> the clock until we have an PPMC-endorsed baseline to replan on. ...
> *    The infrastructure stack is base on a standard Ubuntu server
> LAMP stack as at current LTS (Ubuntu 10.04-3 LTS) which included PHP
> 5.3.2
> *    The prod wiki is v1.15.1 that at an N-3 major release level
> (that's 30 months old: two major and 10 minor revisions behind the
> current supported).  This also runs on PHP 5.2.0.
> *    We need an reverse-proxy HTTP cache for performance reasons on
> the wiki.  One of the four market leaders in this niche is another
> Apache project: Apache Traffic Server (ATS).  It makes sense to stay
> "in-house" here for both support and referenceability reasons
> * *DECISION*: Adopt ATS v3.0.1 as the HTTP cache for the wiki.
> (BTW, this work has been done and the product is excellent).
> The PHP 5.3 introduced extra checking to remove an area of tolerance
> the PHP 5.x<3 allowed.  This was to do with when and how parameters
> can be passed by reference under curtain circumstances.  So moving a
> code base from 5.2 to 5.3 involved a lot of work identifying and
> eliminating this mis-codings.  This was done by the MediaWiki team in
> MW v1.16.  I had planned to move to MW v1.15.5 (the last stable
> 1.15.x) as our baseline and I've done this work integrating it with
> Apache Traffic Server (ATS) and our LAMP stack.  This is stable and
> performant enough to show that we are good.  However, I have only
> identified and bug-fixed the main path 5.2->5.3 coding issues.
> During my testing I have subsequently discovered others and there are
> undoubtedly more to find.  I've also discussed this with the MW devs
> on the MW IRC channel.  Given this, the consensus in the @infra team
> (me included) is that we should bite the bullet now and move to
> current MW 1.17.0 even given the extra work. There are some
> performance risks associated with MW 1.17.0 which we need to
> mitigate.  However, given that we've already got a complete
> LAMP+ATS+MV in an ESX hosted VM performing like a dingbat, we really
> only face the 1.15.5 ->  1.17.0 issues in this step.
> * *DECISION*: Upgrade the ooo-wiki MediaWiki(MV) + all extensions to
> MW v1.17.0.
> * *DECISION*: I have agreed with infrastructure that we will keep 1
> core on "standby" so we can up the VM to a 2-core VM if we are
> seeing unacceptable performance problems with one-core.
> * *DECISION*: We will cut over the wiki and the forums with the
> content as-is and implement branding and access control changes
> within the a.o infrastructure when volunteers come on-stream to
> resource this.  This is the standard "transfer then clean-up"
> approach adopted when a migration is time critical.
> There are two facets to cut-over: content move and DNS-based IP
> reassignment.  Clearly we need to freeze update access to the
> services prior to start of content move and continue update-freeze on
> the legacy service.  Bringing the content across involves a backup,
> copy restore which can be rehearsed and scripted, but in the case of
> the wiki, this will be a few hours even if fully automated.
> *    There are many way "to skin the cat" of the migration process.
> All will involve some service loss, but the complexity of the
> rehearsal and planning come explode as we reduce this outage to a
> zero.  Complex plans can also go wrong so my instinct is to keep it
> simple: halt the service at a pre-notified time, transfer and start
> new service at  a pre-notified time.
> * *DECISION*: Halt the wiki service for a notified (24hr) window
> during cutover.  The migration uses fixed IPs, so  DNP IP
> reassignment is co-incident with service stop.
> * *GOAL*: Cut over [wiki] within 14 days from today.  Date TBD by PM.
> I can do the content move.
> *     We have some further caching tweaks on the interaction of the
> MediaWiki [application] with the ATS HTTP reverse proxy cache, but
> these are probably nice-to-have than essential.  More to the point
> these need to be done on a system will production load patterns.
> * *DECISION*. We will defer such tuning until post go-live.


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