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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [AOOo 4.0] dev wishlist (Re: Starting a conversation on AOOo 4.0)
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2011 00:29:54 GMT
It appears that brainstorming has ended and judgment/evaluation begins?

Ah well ... I guess it is time to wait and see how Rob intends to avoid this.

 - Dennis
[PS: Regina - thanks for the tip.  I never knew that was there.]

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From: RGB ES [] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 15:52
Subject: Re: [AOOo 4.0] dev wishlist (Re: Starting a conversation on AOOo 4.0)

2011/9/22 Dennis E. Hamilton <>

> If I have to navigate around documents, such as the ODF specifications
> themselves, I save as PDF so I can use the forward and back browser-style
> navigation.  It would be terrific if that worked in OO.o directly, so that
> one could go somewhere, then come back with a click of a button.
> That might help some of the copy and paste rearranging too, although it
> might be desirable to have a one-button remember-this-place in some go-to
> list pull-down too, having nothing to do with planting a bookmark in the
> document.
> There are a large number of navigational accelerators that would be useful
> in a Writer document, and having some sort of expandable tree-map sidebar
> for quick navigation wouldn't be bad either.

Please, do not do it like LibO: their tree view is a nuisance, almost a
show-stopper when you work on long and complex documents. See this issue:

> OK, and it would also be nice, for power-users at any rate, if it is
> possible to collapse and expand the text structures.  That's a major UI hit
> though?

It seems, in fact. The main problem I can see with "collapsing headings" is
that displaying a "page" on such conditions is completely wrong, so this
would need a different approach of how info is presented during edition. If
we let our fantasy run wild, we can think of a WYSIWYM (not WYSIWYG) mode on
which page constrains are not considered and images, objects and footnotes
shows were they are dropped, not were they should be once the document is
"compiled". The best example of such behaviour is LyX, a really good
front-end for LaTeX:
But a good question to answer here is: Is this feature so important that AOO
needs to face such huge changes in the near (or even not-so-near) future? I
don't think so: for me, the Navigator is good enough (even if it is possible
to make it even better...)

BTW, if asked about nice to have features, why not full support for opentype
There are also long standing issues related with TOC, like this one:
and many others...


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