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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [AOOo 4.0] dev wishlist (Re: Starting a conversation on AOOo 4.0)
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2011 22:07:56 GMT
If I have to navigate around documents, such as the ODF specifications themselves, I save as
PDF so I can use the forward and back browser-style navigation.  It would be terrific if that
worked in OO.o directly, so that one could go somewhere, then come back with a click of a

That might help some of the copy and paste rearranging too, although it might be desirable
to have a one-button remember-this-place in some go-to list pull-down too, having nothing
to do with planting a bookmark in the document.

There are a large number of navigational accelerators that would be useful in a Writer document,
and having some sort of expandable tree-map sidebar for quick navigation wouldn't be bad either.

OK, and it would also be nice, for power-users at any rate, if it is possible to collapse
and expand the text structures.  That's a major UI hit though?

 - Dennis

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From: floris v [] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 14:50
Subject: Re: [AOOo 4.0] dev wishlist (Re: Starting a conversation on AOOo 4.0)

I'd like some long standing feature requests to be implemented. 
especially that when you perform a replace all, the cursor is returned 
to the location where you were instead of leaving you where the last 
item was replaced. That's a big time saver for people who do a lot of 
editing of for instance manuscripts. You can then at page 150 suddenly 
want to replace some word with something else everywhere in the document 
and continue where you were without fuss. Now you first have to enter 
some weird character sequence, or a bookmark, do the repalce, then 
search the crazy character sequence or use the bookmark to return. It 
has been discussed a lot in the issue tracker, but for some reason the 
developers weren't impressed by the arguments of the users.
It'd require very little coding.

Op 21-9-2011 23:25, Pedro F. Giffuni schreef:
> Hmm ...OK.
> - You've been hearing I'd like to see a more Apache
>    (not necessarily Java) stuff.
> - OCR capabilities (Google made them free) would
>    also be nice.
> But here is a really crazy idea:
> How about using the Math Template Library for calc:
> MTL4 has an open source version too: both are
> basically a BSD-like license with advertisement
> clause.
> I am not sure if most people will feel comfortable
> having (for example) imaginary numbers in a cell,
> but I've heard people using math-specific tools
> that would like to do serious calculations in a
> spreadsheet. This would make calc an interesting
> tool for "real" scientific users.
> cheers,
> Pedro.

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