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From Michael Stahl <>
Subject Re: [Repo][Proposal] OOO340 SVN Dump file import
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2011 21:15:24 GMT
On 16.08.2011 20:41, Rob Weir wrote:
> During local svn import I received several error messages like this:
> "svn: Inconsistent line ending style"
> The following files gave this error:
> /ooo/trunk/core/dictionaries/de_DE/README_hyph_de_DE.txt
> /ooo/trunk/core/dictionaries/de_CH/README_hyph_de_CH.txt
> /ooo/trunk/core/dictionaries/de_AT/README_hyph_de_AT.txt
> /ooo/trunk/core/gettext/gettext-
> /ooo/trunk/core/apache-commons/patches/codec.patch
> /ooo/trunk/core/libcroco/libcroco-0.6.2.patch
> /ooo/trunk/core/graphite/graphite-2.3.1.patch
 > /ooo/trunk/core/filter/source/xslt/odf2xhtml/export/common/body.xsl
 > /ooo/trunk/core/solenv/bin/
 > /ooo/trunk/core/readlicense_oo/html/THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME.html
 > /ooo/trunk/core/writerfilter/source/doctok/escher.html

guess these just need proper consistent EOL.

 > /ooo/trunk/core/testautomation/writer/optional/input/import/mactext.txt

this one is called "mactext", maybe it wants mac EOL.
there is a "dostext.txt" "wintext.txt" "unixtext.txt" in the same dir.

> /ooo/trunk/core/hwpfilter/source/hwpeq.cpp

this one has comments with Korean characters in some annoying encoding.
perhaps we should just remove the offending comments for now.

> /ooo/trunk/core/writerfilter/source/odiapi/qname/resource/office2003/WordprocessingML
> Schemas/xsdlib.xsd
> /ooo/trunk/core/writerfilter/source/odiapi/qname/resource/office2003/WordprocessingML
> Schemas/wordnetaux.xsd

seem to be UTF-16 LE encoded

> Whereas previously I tried to fix these files with dos2unix, this time
> I simply omitted them from the import.   The automated "one size fits
> all" approach did not seem right since some of these files, e.g., the
> mactext.txt, appear to be intentionally using weird EOL conventions.
> We'll need to resolve these cases individually and add them to the new
> repository, eventually.  In some cases we might decide to treat them
> as binary files, in other cases we could dos2unix them, in other cases
> we'll need to convert the character encoding from UTF-16 to UTF-8.
> But we can figure that out later.
> You can download the new dump file from:
> md5sum of the unzipped ooo-dump file is:   a6651e98b1a92f5158a08921e85a7a3a
> -Rob

had a look at it:

- unsurprisingly the files you listed are missing

- some EOL changes in a bunch of files that are probably either harmless 
or an improvement

- similar number of executable files
   (why the heck are there 8425 of these???)

- also missing: from the l10n toplevel
   don't actually know if we need that; probably not until the l10n 
module is converted to gbuild, and in any case i guess it could live 
inside the l10n module directory as well.


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