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From Michael Stahl <>
Subject Re: binfilter (was RE: OOO340 to svn)
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2011 13:55:51 GMT
On 06.08.2011 19:45, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> With regard to consumption versus production, I agree that it is easy
> to stop supporting production when no native consumers are likely to
> be available any longer and the document model evolves
> to support expanded functionality of further ODF specifications.

the export filters in binfilter were to be disabled for OOo 3.4 anyway, 
which should already be the case in OOo 3.4 beta.

> So if we propose to retire binfilters, we need some way to make it
> clear that is happening and what the workarounds are for someone who
> finds themselves in need.  And we definitely need to keep it in a
> form where someone could revive it at a later time, even if only part
> of some sort of document-forensics and -recovery/conversion effort
> rather than integrated into future releases.

yes, needs to be added to the release notes.
it will of course be retrievable as part of the first AOOo source 
release, and from SVN.

> This is not the last time we will need to deal with this (and the
> same fate could eventually befall the native format currently
> supported by

you mean XML format?
it's implemented in the "xof" library as a rather simple wrapper around 
the ODF import/export filter, mostly mangling namespaces and tweaking 
some attributes, and shouldn't cause much maintenance effort.

> Also, if there are available specifications, whatever their quality,
> we probably need to see to their preservation as well.

for the binary SO formats it wouldn't surprise me if the specification 
were the source code (but that was far before my time, so i wouldn't 
know if a real spec exists...).
all the other old formats are foreign anyway.

> - Dennis

another reason why i'd favor removing binfilter ASAP is that i suspect 
most of these old filters were written in a less hostile time, so who 
knows what security issues the code may have...
good thing binfilter is not installed by default nowadays.


"It's very hard to review carefully this kind of boilerplate code.
  Because it's really, really dull.  You basically can't pay people
  enough to carefully review dull code.  We've tried.  It does not work.
  There's some kind of very strong mental habit that causes people to
  just kind of gloss over the repeated bits.  [...]  So avoiding
  boilerplate is key, and ML is very good at that." -- Yaron Minsky

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