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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject Re: Who wants to build OpenOffice?
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2011 16:16:30 GMT

On 08/31/2011 09:01 AM, Rob Weir wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 3:24 PM, Rob Weir<>  wrote:
>> We're blessed to have experienced OOo hackers on the list who have
>> already jumped on the new code repository and started making
>> improvements.
>> But I see we have 214 people subscribed to the mailing list, including
>> many who were not previously working on OOo code.  This is great.
>> Growing the community to bring in new developers is key to the success
>> of the project.
>> Do any of you want to get an AOOo dev environment set up, so you can
>> build OpenOffice?  If so, please respond to this note, and state what
>> operating system you are interested in building on.
>> Based on this information, we can have a discussion on how best to get
>> you up to speed, whether via Q&A on this list, via IRC chat, a phone
>> conference or maybe even a virtual machine image.
> A lot of good feedback on this idea.  Thanks!
>  From the responses I've read, it sounds like the most popular choice
> is Linux.  So let's start there.
> Could we start on Wed September 7th?  And run this "event" through the weekend?

sounds good...I will work on this as well.

Is everything on this page

including the Building Guide at --

still current?

> Goals would be:
> 1) Enable volunteers who want to build under Linux
> 2) Create build instructions that are under ALv2, so we can include
> them in the release.  This is a good thing to draft on the "dev" wiki.
> I'd like to do a put a post in the AOOo blog on this, to maybe attract
> some additional developers who may want to participate
> In the blog post I'd put the link to the SVN tree, the IRC channel,
> and the pre-reqs.
> BTW, what should say the pre-reqs are for storage?  Source, including
> /main and /extras is around 4GB.  Matthias suggested 70 GB for
> building, which could be done on fast external storage.  So 75 GB free
> space total is reasonable?
> Do we have any RAM guidance?  is 1GB sufficient?  2 GB?
> -Rob
>> -Rob


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