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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: [Repo][Proposal] OOO340 SVN Dump file import
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2011 08:31:22 GMT
Hi Michael,

On 17.08.2011 23:15, Michael Stahl wrote:

> had a look at it:

You beat me to it. :-)
Due to some hardware problems I needed more time than expected.

> - unsurprisingly the files you listed are missing
> - some EOL changes in a bunch of files that are probably either harmless 
> or an improvement

We should decide how to deal with it, as it might make merging from cws
harder. As my favorite approach for bringing over the cws still is to
create patches (either one per cws or one for every change set in the
cws), we could create a diff from the svn repo, apply it to the hg
OOO340m1 repo and create the patches against this version.

> - also missing: from the l10n toplevel
>    don't actually know if we need that; probably not until the l10n 
> module is converted to gbuild, and in any case i guess it could live 
> inside the l10n module directory as well.

Whereever it is, it's enough that we have brought it over.


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