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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [Identifying Contributors][DISCUSS] (was RE: [Issues] [DISCUSS] Can we track Issues Somehow? ... )
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2011 21:41:57 GMT
Good catch. I hadn't been thinking about list subscribers so much as wiki contributors, bugzilla
contributors, and code contributors/committers in the legacy artifacts.  Maybe
forum contributors too.  Even if they never contribute to Apache OO.o, they need to be distinguished
from anyone who does.

Not being on a mailing list is different.  I like the idea of sending out e-mail verifiers
for resubscription, although one has to dig their e-mail address out of the current subscription
list even to do that much.

 - Dennis

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From: Donald Whytock [] 
Sent: Monday, August 15, 2011 13:56
Subject: Re: [Identifying Contributors][DISCUSS] (was RE: [Issues] [DISCUSS] Can we track
Issues Somehow? ... )

Ideally you'd be able to send a unique code to people on the old
lists, similar to the confirmation code sent to subscribers here, that
took them to a form for subscribing to Apache lists by entering a new
email address or confirming the old one.

I think someone said importing the subscriber list from the old lists
wasn't an option anyway, and some people, for whatever reason, might
not want to be on the new lists.


On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 4:07 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton
<> wrote:
> With regard to the migration of issues, are we going to manage to preserve the identity
of those who posted and commented on issues?
> I know there is some connection among issue creators, patch creators, and the source-code
histories that are somehow tied into particular identification schemes, along with those for
previous wiki contributors, folks having addresses, etc.
> I've been wondering how we might crack that nut and have a way to preserve the identifications
that exist while foreclosing their continuing usage as we move to ASF-hosted infrastructure
and in-project sites.
>  - Dennis
> I am an user on a system that did some merges and expansions.  They had to cope with
conflicts among IDs.  They did it by adding suffixes to colliding IDs from all identifier
domains but one.  If there was no collision, there was no modification necessary.
> At Apache, one place where collision becomes tricky is when folks had short names that
might now (or in future) collide with names in the Apache user name/ID domain.  That might
not be so serious as it first appears if we think in terms of e-mail uniqueness (so
and are distinct, for example), rather than simple user name/ID values.
 But it is desirable to differentiate short names when they are the link to the distinguishing
identity information, and to avoid issuance of duplicates in any place where colliding legacy
use of short names occurs.
> Also, with regard to name@oo.o, I think it would be good to preserve the forwarding service
but not allow new sign-ups.  I don't know if we should allow folks to update the forwarded-to
e-mail address indefinitely or even for a short time.  My inclination is to allow it, possibly
with an option to declare that they are abandoning the address.

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