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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Date Sun, 28 Aug 2011 19:18:12 GMT
Item (a, below) did not strike me as important until I saw it again while looking for the information
about the missing/problem files in the SVN import from Mercurial.

There are special rules for dealing with headers in third-party software and in software under
an SGA.  We need to follow those.

In particular, the general way that headers are changed in code under an SGA is by the contributor
changing them, because they have the right to do so as the copyright holder.

Since that has not been done, we need some guidance on what to do with the headers on the
current files.

My concern is that we need may need a modification of the DO NOT ALTER OR REMOVE ... copyright
notice, and the license and disclaimer header, but we can't just paste the stock ALv2 "Code
Developed at the ASF" header and notice in its place.

See <> for relevant information. (Note:
According to this material, we can replace or move the notices if Apache has written permission
to do so.  We need to be advised on what the actual case is and how to deal with it.  I.e.,
do we make NOTICE files, can we remove the in-header copyright notices, etc.)

 - Dennis

PS: I notice in the Podling Mentor guide that the Cryptography Audit must be done at once
(and should have been done before committing the code to SVN).  See the draft information
at <>.

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From: Stephan Bergmann [] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 04:07
Subject: Re: [Repo][Proposal]After the code is checked in to SVN

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Two more steps that we might want to phase in somewhere are:

(a) Replace the Oracle/LGPLv3 license headers in all the relevant files with Apache/AL2 ones.
 Is this maybe legally important to do as early as possible, or can it wait until end-of-incubation?
 Probably makes no sense to do before phase 5, anyway.

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