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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Migrating the web forums at to Apache servers
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 22:39:05 GMT
+1 and nice work items.

One thing: Put simply, any voting on non-personnel matters is here on ooo-dev.  Anyone can
vote, the PPMC-member votes are the binding ones.  Better yet is if we find consensus and
don't require a vote at all.  

Special karma (e.g., authorizing administrator rights) is a different matter and we'll have
to find out how that works from mentors, etc.

 - Dennis

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From: drew [] 
Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2011 14:25
Subject: Migrating the web forums at to Apache servers


I'd like to try and move this particular item to completion.

Reading over the mailing list it is my opinion that their is a
reasonable consensus for the Apache OpenOffice podling to facilitate
continuity of service to the Community Fourms located at by allowing the site:

1: Continue to use this URL

2: Host the phpBB web services on an Apache server.

That use of this URL, for this purpose, is at the sole discretion of the
Apache OpenOffice Podling Project Management Committee (PPMC).

The PPMC has sole discretion for authorizing individuals filling the
role of systems administrator for the site, where access to system level
services are required to perform such tasks. (a login account on the VM,
access to MySQL server, etc)

The PPMC has oversight responsibility and requires prior approval to any
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy statements referenced from and used at
the forums.

The forum web page footer shall maintain a link to the official website, as designated by the PPMC, and to display a mark
(logo) agreed to by the PPMC, for such purpose.

Alright - Actions items here then IMO.

1 - Create a page on the wiki (which one?) with the following:

The names of potential system administrators - 
Terry Ellison
[A second admin TBD]

(The site has operated with 2 and 3 admins to date, it's a good idea IMO
to have at least two people that can handle issues)

2 - A contact point for the Apache Infrastructure team.

(not sure if this would be a person or a role name, but it is important
to document who needs to be contacted if some issue needs escalating)

3 - Review the current English Terms of Use statement and update as
needed and get consensus from PPMC on wording.

4 - Get the English version of the TOU translated for use on the the
other language forums.

5 - Currently the site references a Privacy Policy statement on the
Oracle web site - will need to lockdown exactly where this now needs to
point for Apache.

6 - Acquire new logo(s) for footer and proper link reference.

(currently the footer also has an Oracle logo and links to the Oracle
Open Office site - I'm thinking a generic Apache logo and link to Any other ideas?)

- Prepare a ballot type email on the question of Apache offering hosting
and authorized sys admins and place it to the PPMC private list for a

Also, I would be more then happy to take the time to go over the
functioning of the forum with anyone here having questions. 

At the risk of sounding immodest I am proud to have helped with the
Forums in the past, there is a strong group of individuals that have
created a culture at the site which I believe the Apache folks would
find quite recognizable. That the folks their do a good job of offering
end user support to a large number of people in an efficient and cordial
fashion. Feel free to follow up with those questions either in this
mailing list or ping me direct if you prefer.

Does this sound appropriate to everyone here? 
Did I miss anything in anyones mind? 
General comments/thoughts?

Meanwhile, I will proceed to create the wiki page (any suggestions on
where you want to see this), then post back to the thread here with the
link and let's start working down the list of items and getting this

Thanks much for your time,

Drew Jensen

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