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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: OOo Trademark
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2011 21:23:14 GMT
OK.  So let's outline a trademark policy.  As a strawman I'd propose:

We add a webpage called "Trademark policy" that states states that
Apache owns the trademarked name and logo, that there are certain uses
of these trademarks that that require no permission from us, but that
we require permission for any uses beyond this.

The webpage would describes the pre-allowed uses, including at least
the "nominative fair use" and other exceptions listed in the Apache
Trademark Policy.  The list of pre-approved uses might be extended for
this project, by mutual agreement of the PPMC and Apache Branding.

Permission would be granted for specific, documented uses.  The
trademark page would have a form for the requester to fill out,
describing the intended trademark use. The form would also list our
conditions on trademark use, likely including that usage shall not
express endorsement by Apache, etc.  The form would also state that
the permission will be revoked if the terms are violated.  The form
template itself should be reviewed by Apache Branding as well as
Apache Legal Affairs.  Perhaps there is a template we can borrow?

A completed & signed form would then be considered by the PPMC.
Optional [DISCUSSION] thread, followed by at least 72-hour [VOTE].  A
record of all granted and rejected permissions would be tracked by the
PPMC.   Decisions would be public.  But we would need a policy on
whether the request forms that are submitted are public or whether
they are stored in the PPMC's private area.

Is that generally the idea?   I'd like to avoid having a process that
is unnecessarily heavyweight.  But if we have historically seen abuse
of the trademark and anticipate seeing more, then we will need to take
this process seriously.


On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 9:16 PM, Shane Curcuru <> wrote:
> Thanks for the info.  Note that it would be helpful if people interested in
> working with trademarks read the Apache policies, as well as our growing
> list of FAQs:
> Part of my strategy is to attempt to cover as many of the basic kinds of
> uses with generic documentation, and to try to limit the number of explicit
> agreements or specific grants that we give to third parties.
> I.e. if we can clearly state in a policy that using our marks in manner X is
> generally permissible, without having to fillin a webform or email for
> written permission, it makes our life much, much simpler.  There are plenty
> of uses of trademarks that don't require any permissions and are not
> infringing - otherwise, how could I order a Coke (or a Pepsi) to drink?
> For things like journalists writing an article about Apache products, or
> individuals with personal blogs who just want to link to the download page
> for a product - I'd like to be able to point to a policy or FAQ that notes
> if they do it appropriately, no explicit permission is required.
> Obviously with the userbase and reach of, we need to consider
> how to manage the kinds of requests and the load of requests going forward,
> now that we're becoming Apache OpenOffice.
> - Shane
> On 7/20/2011 9:06 PM, Peter Junge wrote:
>> Am 20.07.2011 03:57, schrieb Shane Curcuru:
>> [...]
>>> Andrew (or whoever): how/when can we get the submissions to that webform?
>> I've contacted the person who I think was responsible before.
>>> I'm actually wondering if and how we should review those, versus simply
>>> asking people to start contacting ooo-dev@ about requests from the
>>> Apache side.
>> That might depend on the number of requests that have accumulated in
>> recent weeks.
>>> In particular, with the transfer of the OOo marks, how do we (as in,
>>> this PPMC and trademarks@) handle any permissions or licensing of
>>> ""? Especially since that mark primarily refers to a
>>> product that we - the ASF - do not actually distribute?
>> Many of these request are sent by journalists (e.g. providing OOo as
>> part of an open source DVD as magazine add) and authors (e.g. screen
>> shots for a publication). Another large group are individual open source
>> enthusiasts who just want to put the OOo logo on their website to link
>> the download page. IMHO, it would be easiest to point everyone on this
>> list, let them briefly summarize their concern and then giving them a
>> preliminary permission. Next, they can send us the results of using the
>> OOo logo or trademark, so we can make a final decisions while having the
>> real context available.
>> best regards,
>> peter
>>> - Shane
>>> On 7/19/2011 12:51 PM, Andrew Rist wrote:
>>>> On 7/18/2011 10:37 PM, Peter Junge wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I'm still getting requests now and again from persons who want to use
>>>>> the trademark for various reasons. In former times I
>>>>> have been pointing them to a web form that Oracle was providing. So,
>>>>> my questions are:
>>>>> - Is the OOo trademark already with Apache?
>>>> Oracle legal is currently working with ASF on the transfer.
>>>>> - If yes, I recall I have to forward them to,
>>>>> right?
>>>>> - If not, is Oracle still taking on such requests?
>>>> All of these types of requests are on hold at Oracle. The process should
>>>> be moved over to Apache.
>>>>> + Do requesters still have to use the web form?
>>>>> Or, is there any interims process?
>>>> Not at this time - and - this should make it over to the Apache side of
>>>> things in reasonably short order.
>>>>> Best regards,
>>>>> Peter

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