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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Suggestion for OOo branding...
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2011 13:15:39 GMT
On Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 2:44 AM, Gianluca Turconi
<> wrote:
> 2011/7/22 Andrew Rist <>
>> I think we need an approach for issues like the icon set that allow
>> developers to produce,
>> and the community to review, alternate sets of resources.  It would be good
>> to agree
>> on a common set of design criteria (e.g. color differentiation, accessible,
>> highlight ODF, etc).
>> The process should allow for multiple options to be developed *before* the
>> choice of a new default.
>> I think this is different from the standard process of CTR, but in the case
>> of RTC it would be nice to
>> have the evolution of multiple sets of resources in the svn history.  I'm
>> wondering how we do
>> this within the Apache way.
> Indeed, I'm wondering the same thing too, because I'm new to the Apache way
> of work and I'm still learning.

We are all learning.

> In the older OOo community, the work was project-centric, where a need grew
> in a specific project and then it was  satisfied from professional
> developers or volunteers with suitable skills, while trying to have a larger
> consensus in the community.
> Here, the whole process is more SVN-centric and there is, at least so far, a
> lot less specialization through sub-projects and so on.

I don't think SVN is the essential aspect of Apache.  But you are
correct that there is less of a hierarchy. The decision making process
in an Apache project is very "flat".

> So, the main question I have is: is a broad consensus on this list "to
> change the icon set" enough in order to put that task on Apache OOo to-do
> list for the future, at least as a starting point?

Think less of the"to-do list" and more of the do-ers.

In other words, we need people to stand up and say, "I want to do X".
"X" is then a proposal that is discussed.  If there are no objections,
then the person who volunteered to do "X" does it. (Lazy consensus).
If the task is so obviously necessary that no one would reasonably
object, then you just do it.  (Everything in SVN can be reversed).

What doesn't work as well is having one group of project members make
proposals for what another group of project members should do.
Suggestions and feedback are always welcome, of course, from everyone
in the community.  But what really drives the project forward is the
members who say "I will do X".

> In fact, this simple change involves a lot of collateral tasks and duties:
> 1) a creation of a design development process (as you correctly stated);
> 2) a creation of an Apache OOo brand identity (legal stuff for a logo/color
> schema?);
> 3) "Foreign affairs" for external collaborations (with the ODF group, for
> example).

For things like this, where greater coordination is required, someone
should say, "I want to do X, who will join me?".  But no one should be
waiting to be led, or waiting for instructions to come down and tell
us the direction.  Things happen based more on a volunteer's efforts
and less on wishes.

Of course, we should be looking to engage the contributors we have as
well as attract more contributors.  One way of doing that is to put
your ideas on the "help wanted" wiki page: .
That is a good place to put things that you think would be useful for
the project, but where you don't currently have the time to work on.


> Regards,
> Gianluca
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