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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] <Initial Committer>: Apache Initial Committer Status
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2011 21:47:28 GMT
(with my mentors hat)

On 23 July 2011 22:08, IngridvdM <> wrote:
> Hi Dennis,
> Am 23.07.2011 21:35, schrieb Dennis E. Hamilton:


>> If that was you, what would you be holding onto by wanting that invitation
>> to be permanent without taking the steps that go with accepting it?
> I simply see no reason to shut the door.

Being a member of an ASF project community is open to anyone. Being a
committer is a privilege, not a right. It is a privilege that is
bestowed by the existing (P)PMC members in recognition of
contributions to the project. The door to community engagement is
never closed but the door to a privileged position is one that only
opens in response to active and constructive engagement.

> People might be in the middle of
> paper work,

Then they can say so and the door should be left open. How long for is
another question altogether.

> people might be ill, people might be on a journey around the
> world.

Then when they return to their email they can make a case to the
(P)PMC who can vote according to the normal rules of engagement. There
is no need to keep the existing invitation open indefinitely and thus
causing work for people trying to track this.

> You also may have send the invitation to the wrong mail.

It should not be the responsibility of the volunteers here on the
(P)PMC to chase down those who claim to be willing to contribute
constructively to the project but are unable to read this list.

> Would you suggest to withdraw committer status if a committer is off for 1
> months, two months, a year?

It is common practice for Apache projects to periodically clear out
their committer lists. People who are no longer active on a project
are, in many projects, routinely moved to emeritus status. It is
entirely possible that this project will opt to do the same at some
point in the future (note committers who are moved to emeritus need
only ask to have their commit privileges returned).


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