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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: An introduction and a discussion about the OpenOffice User Forums
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2011 19:45:59 GMT
Hi Terry,

Welcome. We have had some discussion about the user forums already, but it was over a month
ago. We have areas on the Community Wiki for planning transition. [1] [2]


Please create a page on the wiki under "Transition Planning" with these and further details.
We'll then engage Infrastructure and get forward traction on finding the home for


On Jul 31, 2011, at 6:49 AM, TerryE wrote:

> Hello all,
> My name is Terry Ellison and I am the lead community administrator and maintainer for
the OOo user forums (  I was one of the core of community members
which set up the forums in October 2007, and before that I was active on the alternative (English)  I am also a moderator on the forums and a member of the QA
team on phpBB (the forum application used to implement the forums).  My contributions to the
OOo development itself are small (I fixed a couple of memory leaks in the Basic RTS and understand
the code base of this subsystem). I had 30 years service with EDS (now part of HP) rising
through system development, technical mangement to eventually operations CTO for Europe, before
retiring early because of illness (ME/CFS which I am slowly recovering from)
> What I would like to discuss here is what we do with the forums.  In the four years since
their creation, we have added another 8 language forums to the original English one: French,
Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese.  Across all forums we
have some 75,000 registered members, who have created 300,000 posts on 78,000 topics. We have
also gone through 5 phpBB version upgrades.
> However, the main use of the forums is not by the posting members, but by guest users
who browse these topics to find answers to their OOo problems and the search engines which
index the forum content.  We get roughly 200,000 page requests / day (that is web pages --
the images, CSS, etc. add ~4 x in terms of Apache requests).
> I and the rest of the OOo community activists believe that this content and facility
provides a valuable service to the wider OOo user community, so we are keen to see its continuity
and seamless transfer to part of the project.
> The technical aspects are a little detailed, but this was my professional area, so these
aren't a risk if I am allowed to support this.  I'll leave these to further discussion and
the appropriate cwiki page.  The main issues seem to be of approvals, support, infrastructure
resource allocation, since the technology set used by the forums is phpBB + OOo-specific customisation,
and this is a new service for the current infrastructure team even though it runs on a standard
LAMP stack.
> The purpose of the note is to raise this issue with the wider community and to provide
a vehicle for discussing any related queries.
> Regards
> Terry Ellison

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