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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Questions: LAMP and PHPBB for
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2011 23:18:46 GMT
On 31/07/2011 23:46, TerryE wrote:
> On 31/07/11 23:09, Mark Thomas wrote:
> <snip>
>> I would imagine that these services would be hosted on project managed
>> virtual machines of some form and whoever manages them now would
>> continue to manage them. The central infra team may end up managing some
>> aspects such as DNS. The detail can be worked on as part of the
>> incubation process.
>> The much more important question is who will support it. There have been
>> far too many examples of projects requesting a service, promising to
>> help support it and then never being heard from again when it needs
>> maintenance. If the current maintenance is performed by Oracle rather
>> than the community there will be concerns about the viability of that
>> model.
>> On a related note, infrastructure will not tolerate project managed
>> systems that are insecure. We will shut them down first and ask
>> questions later. Projects are expected to keep on top of security for
>> the services that they manage. We do arrange things so projects can only
>> shoot themselves in the foot but will still expect security to be
>> maintained.
>> Mark
> Mark,
> I've been administering the forums for 4 years, including bringing on 8
> new languages, a migration from PostgreSQL to MySQL (when Sun bought
> MySQL LoL), and 5 phpBB upgrades.  The only service outages that we've
> had were when there were H/W problems in the Sun Datacentre.  I've
> automated just about all of the housekeeping, so there is no daily /
> weekly / monthly manual invention required.  So I think that we have a
> good track record here.
> The wiki is more problematic since this was run by Oracle employees who
> have now been 'let-go'.   However, I used to help with the main guy with
> advice on Apache / MediaWiki / PHP / MySQL tuning and so I know  and
> have interactive access to the systen.  I can rehost this and continue
> to run it on a 'sustain' basis so that we can continue to provide the
> service until the project works out its migration / retirement plans.
> Yes, I am a single point of failure, but I am more than willing to
> document the SysOps and or train up someone else.   It's just that
> there's a dearth of LAMP developer / admins amongst the OOo user
> community.  Another member of the ooo-dev list used help until I
> automated everything and he had other priorities in the project.  I used
> to be the operations CTO for EDS in Europe before I retired early and
> went back to the simple stuff as a hobby, so I understand all about the
> security side!

That all sounds good to me.

> I've got D/R / maintenance copies of both the forums and the wiki on a
> couple of standard Ubuntu 10.04-3 LTS VMs, but if you have any
> guidelines / VM templates / management interface documentation then send
> me a copy and I'll reflect them in my plans / work.

That is mostly all in the infra svn repository.

> And BTW, a simple Q:  what virtualisation technology are using in your
> prod environment? VMware, KVM or what?

VMware, Solaris Zones (on the way out - slowly), FreeBSD jails.

for more details.


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