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From Andrew Rist <>
Subject Re: Suggestion for OOo branding...
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2011 17:29:04 GMT

On 7/22/2011 5:03 AM, Gianluca Turconi wrote:
> 2011/7/22 Marcus (OOo)<>
>>   We need to be able to simultaneously develop alternatives on the design
>>> front.
>> Yes, it would be a great help to our users if they can choose their
>> favorite icon design. I could imagine a pool of the current B/W and the
>> older colored icons with the option to bring in own sets (e.g., the set from
>> LO).
> However, I supposed we were talking about the *default* icon theme.
> Obviously, it would be a great thing to have themes for document icons, but
> many people don't even use styles in their own documents as primary
> customization... ;-)
> IMO, having consensus on the fact that a colored *default* icon set is a
> basic usability need it's already a first step in the right direction.
My interest is our process for developing new icon sets and for choosing 
the default.
One of the problems, compared to normal code, is that there are a large 
number of
design considerations that lead to a single file element.  Even if we 
agree on bringing
back color, there is the issue of how the color is used, how the common 
elements of
the icons are used (background and ODF label), and how we insure that 
the icons
meet accessibility requirements (color cannot be the only differentiator).

Even if we agree on the objective parts of the design, there are many 
subjective elements
to a design.  Thus, even if we agree on the design criteria, multiple 
sets of icons could be
generated which match the criteria, but have very different look & feel.

I think we need an approach for issues like the icon set that allow 
developers to produce,
and the community to review, alternate sets of resources.  It would be 
good to agree
on a common set of design criteria (e.g. color differentiation, 
accessible, highlight ODF, etc).
The process should allow for multiple options to be developed *before* 
the choice of a new default.

I think this is different from the standard process of CTR, but in the 
case of RTC it would be nice to
have the evolution of multiple sets of resources in the svn history.  
I'm wondering how we do
this within the Apache way.

> Regards,
> Gianluca

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