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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject External dependencies (was Re: [discuss] remove of binfilter module)
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2011 01:50:05 GMT
 On Wed, 15 Jun 2011 00:58:48 +0200, Kai Ahrens <> 
> Hi Andrea,
> Am 15.06.2011 00:40, schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
>> Even though I highly trust the developers when they say that 
>> binfilter
>> is unmanageable, I share these concerns. It would be best to package
>> binfilter as an extension if feasible, or at least to have a simple
>> conversion tool available for download (not an older version of OOo, 
>> but
>> a small, dedicated tool that users could download if needed, and 
>> that
>> can be run separately from OOo).
> I'm absolutely fine with this proposal. I just don't want to have 
> this
> code within the bare OOo product itself.
> Regards
> Kai

 I think we have to consider making a lot more stuff into extensions
 or whatever means to make the build optional. One "Mike Meeks" found
 that we have to clean up the source of some copyleft components:

 I mentioned in Rob Weir's blog that there are replacements for
 some stuff

 gnu regex --> Google RE2
 Hunspell  --> ispell

 But some of that stuff is actually bloatware. I think libwpd, libwps
 and libwpg are basically in the same boat as binfilter: the
 functionality shall me made optional as external modules in the
 and maybe carried previous openoffice repositories. Perhaps the LO
 guys want to maintain them.



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