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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Building a single Hg repository (was: An svn question)
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2011 03:27:03 GMT
On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 05:42, Jens-Heiner Rechtien <> wrote:
> On 06/27/2011 01:08 AM, Greg Stein wrote:
>>> Merging them in hg is easy, just pull/merge. But ... we are talking about
>>> a
>>> hundred or so CWSs here. In all kinds of readiness states.
>>> If we merge them now, we won't have a working OOo for a long time. Now,
>>> we
>>> could skip the merge part and leave the heads "dangling". Hg heads are
>>> kinda
>> That's what I was thinking. And then map these "dangling" heads to
>> individual branches in svn.
>>> anonymous branches in Mercurial. Don't know if a repository with multiple
>>> heads can be converted to SVN. Probably quite tricky (the tool would need
>>> to
>>> generate sensible names for the different heads).
>> If the converter tool doesn't have the feature, it seems pretty
>> straight-forward to add code to either provide a name mapping for
>> them, or auto-generate names.
> The anonymous heads could be marked with the cws name as a mercurial
> bookmark, just after the individual pull step. That way the information is
> at least already in the all-in-one hg repository. A smart converter could
> use them to generate svn branch names. Something along this lines:
> $ cd <all-in-one-respository>
> $ hg pull ../cws/os151
> ... the latest changeset of CWS os151 is now tip
> $ hg bookmark -r tip os151
> $ hg bookmarks
>   os151                     276718:f4d674e63830
>   ....

Great. Thanks for the pointers.

I'm going to start updating the (see tools/dev/) with
this stuff. I'd appreciate if you could keep an eye on the commits and
correct me where I stray. I've never used Mercurial before.

I've read up on the difference between: tags, branches, local tags,
and bookmarks. I agree that it seems bookmarks are appropriate for
this purpose. We could technically use a tag since no further work
would be done in this "single" repository. However, we may be able to
use the bookmarks as an indicator for branch construction (vs a static
copy in tags/).

I suspect that a lot of work will happen on the Convert extension to
Mercurial to manage this transition :-)

One more thing... I cloned one of the CWSs (ab78), and it was 2.8 Gb.
My clone of DEV300 is 3.5 Gb. Is the size of that CWS typical? There
are about 250 CWSs hosted at OOo. If the average holds, I would need
to clone 700 Gb of material down to my system to perform the

Am I missing something? Is there a better way? etc.


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