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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Teams and Leads (was: Proposed short term goals)
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 06:21:41 GMT
A little late to this, but...

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 15:07,  <> wrote:
> Although we are not obligated to do things exactly how they were done
> before in, it seems that the nature of the project is that
> we'll have some clearly distinguished functional subgroups within the
> project, including:
> 1) Development, including release management
> 2) Translation/Localization
> 3) Documentation, both in-product and on-website
> 4) User support, including user forums
> 5) Marketing
> (Are there any others?  I may be missing something.)

Please be wary about dividing responsibilities. About having "teams".

At Apache, everybody is responsible for every aspect, and they can
participate in every aspect that they so choose. We *do* assume that
they'll be intelligent about it, and avoid derailing efforts through

But remember that we operate by consensus. If somebody wants to
participate in that consensus in *any* area, then they will be
welcome. In that sense, there are no "teams". Just people focusing on
different aspects of the overall community.

We certainly don't have "Leads". I know that is a different model from
how the OOo community has operated in the past. We'll need to find
ways to coordinate actions. It is certainly possible to have
"coordinators" or "managers" (such as a Release Manager, or Patch
Manager), but these are different from "Leads". They have no more say
than anybody else in the community. They are just the focal point for
coordinating the broader activities.

For example, my focus would be on development, but there should be no
barrier to my participation in the Marketing efforts. I should not
have to be on a list, and my input (assuming I'm not a total dumbass
about it) should be welcome when offered. This should apply to
everybody in the community.


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