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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: Podling website
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2011 00:40:49 GMT
Anakia is "sooooo last decade" technology and has some requirements
for everybody that wants to use it (eg. java :-)

If the new CMS can be used, then I'd recommend going with that. It
would be nice to get the community working with that today, as it
should be a good tool to use in the long-term. (Anakia gets to be a
pain for larger sites)

The CMS is newer than that documentation, which may be why it "prefers" anakia.

Please take a look, and I can help with any authz bits or other setup
(just lemme know what I need to do).

IOW, my +1 is for the CMS. If we find that the community doesn't like
it, then we can make another choice for the long-term site.


On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 20:26, Rob Weir <> wrote:
> Our website link is:
> Astute observers may notice that nothing is there.  I'd like to get a basic
> podling web site up there ASAP, so we can put out the "welcome mat", have a
> place to report status and accomplishments, list committers, etc.  As we get
> an issue tracker up and other services up, they would be linked to from this
> site as well.  This could transition into the TLP's website, or it could be
> tossed out once we graduate.  In either case, I think we want something
> there for now.
> I've been reading through the podling documentation and I see there is some
> relevant advice:
> Essentially, the website must meet certain requirements for navigation,
> content, etc.  We can use whatever tool we want to generate it, but Apache
> Velocity Anakia
> <>appears to be
> preferred.  I don't have a strong preference, but it seems to
> me that gaining some familiarity with that tool would be a generally good
> thing for me to do.  So I can take a look.
> We need to check the source and generated site into SVN.
> Any objections to putting the web site here using Velocity Anakia?  Would
> these directories conflict with anything that we are importing from the OOo
> source tree?
> /site/src
> /site/gen
> -Rob

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