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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Apache CMS and Multiple Templates
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2011 22:42:10 GMT
I am curious about how to have multiple templates with Markdown.

It looks like it requires work with "our @patterns" in lib/

I looked at the for and it is a clue.

Suppose we had a subdirectory called ooo where we want a different look and feel. Is the following
a reasonable change to

    [qr!/ooo/*\.mdtext$!, single_narrative => { template => "ooo_narrative.html" }],
    [qr!\.mdtext$!, single_narrative => { template => "single_narrative.html" }],

Then in templates.
	ooo_narrative.html is {% extends "ooo_template.html" %}
	ooo_template.html is the page template for the ooo subdirectory.


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