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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Certification programs (was: Differences between OOO and LibreOffice)
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2011 17:04:12 GMT
Isn't this related to certification programs?  Speaking of which, does 
anyone have a brief explanation and some links to any existing official 
OOo certification or training or similar programs?

This is a major area for end users (and trainers, consultants, and the 
like) that we need to figure out how to effectively transition to the ASF.

As a non-profit public charity, the mission of the ASF is to produce 
software for the public good, given away freely.  The way that the ASF 
does this is loosely known as the Apache Way, which is mostly about 
meritocratic communities making consensus based decisions on project 
directions, leading to high quality software that everyone can use.

Along with our software, our projects also offer basic community-led 
support and help, through our mailing lists and bugtrackers.  However 
the ASF does not directly offer support contracts, trainings, 
certification, or other services about our products.  This is because of 
our volunteer nature, and the fact that we do not charge for any of the 
software (or services) that we provide.

I'm sure we can provide sufficiently documented licensing procedures for 
trainers who want to provide certifications in Apache OO, although it 
may take a little while to get it right, and to ensure the Apache folk 
here understand what's important to the broader and pre-existing OOo 

- Shane

On 6/30/2011 4:56 AM, Ian Lynch wrote:
> On 30 June 2011 07:10, Dennis E. Hamilton<>  wrote:
>> Umm, 100% fidelity to/of what?  I would love to understand the
>> qualifications that attach to that statement, and how whatever that is can
>> be demonstrated/verified.
>> "[T]hey both operate on odf files with 100% fidelity."
> If I save an odf file from OOo it will open exactly the same in LibO. If
> that isn't true than I would be interested to know where things break.
> (Fonts I think are a different issue) If it isn't 100% true it is pretty
> likely to be more true than filtering to either other applications that use
> odf or .doc etc. From an end user point of view all they will be concerned
> about is that files produced in OOo don't break in any way if imported into
> LibO or vice versa. Of course product divergence might make this less likely
> but at the moment I don't think there is a significant problem but I'm
> willing to be corrected. So do we scare the end user or give them more
> confidence?
> In terms of verification or otherwise, give me a file created in OOo that
> will not open correctly in LibO other than because the fonts are different
> on the two systems creating the files. If you prefer to say that OOo/LibO
> use the same file format so you are safe exchanging files between OOo and
> LibO, Ok, better to get rid of all mentions of technical stuff for end users
> in any case. What we need is to give reasonable confidence to the end user
> rather than obscure (to them) technical reasons why that might on some
> almost impossibly rare occasion not be the case.

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